Which word in the sentence does the adjective modify the dog panted heavily after a long walk through the woods


Answer 1
Answer: Heavily modifies panted.

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Although she faced much opposition, Alice Evans ___ the dairy industry in the 1920s to pasteurize milk.a. admonishedb. assentedc. dissentedd. evokedFind the best word to complete the sentence.
The table top in the shape of a trapezoid has the area of 6550 square meters its longer base measures 115 centimeters and the shorter base is 85 centimeters what is the height?
6sisters share four sandwiches equally
6x3=15+3=18 explain the calculation
Show division using disk.relate your model to long division 7➗2

In "Homesick," why does Jean repeatedly say "American friend" to the little Chinese boy? A.
She wants him to learn that it is dangerous and illegal for Chinese people to be on the Bund.
She wants him to know that she is a good person who means him no harm.
She wants him to think of himself as an American so she'll feel more at home.
She wants him to realize that Americans are better than British people. i spent all my points on this one question can you help anyone plzzz plzzz i mean come on plz


Even though I never read the text based on when I read questions I think it's is C
I looked it up and found out that the boy was sad because he wanted to be american but wasn't , so jean called him "american boy" to cheer him up, and one of the reasons he wanted to be american was because he wanted to be president of america

PLEASE HELP!!!Which word is the interjection in this sentence?

Say! Let's go to the beach today!







Lol hope this helps :D
say! Because the sentence makes sense without it in there.
Let's go to the beach today!

I wonder how many asteroids superman could (disdain, pulverize) with his bare hands.


I believe this question is which word best fits in the sentence? If so, it would be pulverize

Disdain: I wonder how many asteroids Superman could disdain with his bare hands. Now first, let's figure out the definition of disdain. Disdain basically means disrespect, or contempt. It means that that he is looked upon as disrespected. This could be correct, but considering pulverize is a better word for the sentence, it will have to be incorrect this time.

Pulverize: I wonder how many asteroids Superman could pulverize with his bare hands. Once again, let's find the definition of pulverize. It means to crush, or destroy completely. That seems like the correct word to fit into the sentence, yes? It makes sense that he would crush asteroids, rather than disrespect them. 




because i already know what pulverize means and what it does.

Give a summary of the adventure the dwarfs plan to go on in the book the hobbit


The adventure of the Dwarfs is a book that tells the story of half the earth was a plan to go to a mountain to take the Treasure before being started by a dragon.

What are Dwarfs?

Dwarfs can be defined as small creatures who are comparatively very small and size, and his generally used in a then to speak that they are very significant in size.

The adventure that the Hobbit who was named Bilbo wanted to take as the first to go in the Dragon Smaug is that to reclaim a cup from the Treasure tile of the Dragon. This also suggests that how the hero is willow was how and the journey he had made a lot of friends and even when to get all who have to carry on his journey.

In this journey, it was suggested that irrespective of his size and with the help of his friends and with the help of guidance from Gandalf and various creatures, he was able to accomplish the task that he had gone to do.

Learn more about Dwarfs, here:



In The Hobbit, the dwarves plan to travel to the Lonely Mountain and reclaim all of their lost treasure from the dragon Smaug, who had taken over the Mountain.

In "The Red-Headed League," why does Sherlock Holmes want to see the knees of Vincent Spaulding's pants? A.
to prove to Watson that Spaulding is innocent

to see whether his knees are shaking from fear

to see if his legs are straight or bent

to see whether the knees show any wear


I think the answer is D because i just reread the book and it had said that he wanted to see the knees of the assistant to see if they were wore out from all the digging.And they were.

Yeah i remember that to! I read the book for school but yeah its D.


Pick one of the following "telling" sentences (or make up your own) and write a descriptive scene that shows instead of tells. Remember to include sensory details (as specific as possible—try for all five senses if you can!), action, and possibly dialogue. If you are truly showing, the sentence you pick below should not appear at all in your scene, but readers should know immediately which sentence you chose! The kid was a brat. Nothing I did went right. He was always there for me. She was so weird. He's always showing off. He loves to swim.



The kid was throwing a temper-tantrum, yelling at his parents, and not doing anything to help.