How did East Africa change after independence? There was no land available for people to purchase in the region. East Africans no longer believed in the idea of owning land. Urban populations in East Africa have declined in recent years. Many plantations were divided up and the land sold to Africans.


Answer 1


D.Many plantations were divided up and the land sold to Africans


After independence, most white settlers that owned plantations and huge pieces of lands that were under irrigation moved back to their countries.The governments that took turn became in charge of the plantations and farms though single individuals got hold of these plantations in a corrupt manner in the name of buying them.Eventually, most of these plantation farms collapsed due to mismanagement of funds and poor farming practices.

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When investigative journalists from sports Illustrated studied events between 1999 and 2011 related to the football program at Oklahoma State University, they found that the academic support program there
Unconsciously trying to prevent experiencing emotions is known as __________.
Multicultural educators that follow the approach called a. "teaching the culturally different" primarily advocate creating close links between school and home so that minority children can succeed academically. b. the promotion of different perspectives based on race, class, and culture. c. the promotion of cultural and racial understanding among different groups. d. the mobilization of students to actively address and work to remedy social problems.
U.S. laws requiring that drivers wear seat belts have resulted in a. a reduction in both driver deaths and pedestrian deaths. b. fewer accidents and fewer deaths per accident. c. fewer driver deaths, fewer accidents and fewer pedestrian deaths. d. little change in the number of driver deaths, but more accidents and more pedestrian deaths.
According to learning theorists_____________.a. behavior arises from moral beliefs.b. moral beliefs arise from a habit of moral behavior that is the product of reinforcement.c. negative reinforcement is the most effective way to teach moral belief.d. moral behavior arises through reason.

If the temperature at the foot of a mountain is29°C, what will be the temperature at its
summit if the mountain is 4000m high?​





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In the context of depth perception, which of the following is a monocular cue?Vivid colors



Texture gradient


my best guess is Convergence or Texture Gradient 

The world is threatened with drought, so people are urged to conserve water. Jack lives far from his neighbors, and no one ever drives by Jack's house. The water company has forgotten that Jack exists, so he receives no bills and no meter-reader ever comes to his house. Jack knows about the conservation effort, but he really wants a green lawn. He knows that if he waters his lawn, he won't be harming anyone because his lawn is small and the amount of water he uses won't affect the drought. So, Jack continues to water. What would Kant say about this case


The correct answer to this open question is the following.

Although the question does not include options, we can say the following.

What Kant would say about this case is this. For Emmanual Kant, the most important and high concept was Good Will. This means that the individual has the moral obligation to act to its highest standards every single time. The moral of the acts of a human being is the expression of his will, manifested in always doing the right thing. So in this case, although the water company does not send bills to James' house, James has the moral obligation of reporting that he is using the water to mow its lawn.

In Ebbinghhaus's retention curve:a. the greatest savings occurred with short delays between learning and relearning.
b. most forgetting occurred when relearning took place after about 150 hours.
c. forgetting occurred very gradually over several days.
d. the greatest savings occurred when relearning took place after about 100 hours.


Answer is A. the greatest savings occurred with short delays between learning and relearning

Joann rode her bike at an average speed of 12 miles per hour for three and a half hours. If her friend, Fran, rides for 3 hours, at what average speed, in miles per hour, would she have to ride her bike to travel the same distance that Joann traveled?



Average speed of Fran should be 14 miles/hour


Since distance covered by both are same thus

1) Distance covered by Joann =Speed X Time

   Distance = 12mph x 3.5 h

   Distance = 42 miles

Now For Fran to cover the same distance in 3 hours his speed should be

speed=(Distance )/(time)\n \nspeed=(42miles)/(3hours)\n\nspeed = 14 miles/hour

What is the name of one of the smaller political parties in the United States?A Green

B Liberal

C Democrat

D Republican





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