What is the name of the field of evolution that studies and looks for similarities between the early development of organisms? A) botanist B) embryology C) obstetrics D) internal medicine


Answer 1


B) embryology


Embryology by definition is the branch of biology and medicine concerned with the study of embryos and their development. All the other answer choices would not fit what your question is looking for. A botanist is someone who studies plants. An obstetrics is someone who studies childbirth. And internal medicine is completely out of the question.

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Which type of malnutrition is characterized by a swollen belly due to the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen?


The answer is kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor, also known as “edematous malnutrition” because of its relationship with edema is a nutritional disorder most often seen in regions experiencing famine. It is a form of malnutrition caused by an absence of protein in the diet. 

What are index fossils used to determine?



Index fossil that is also known as indicator fossil is used to determine the age of the layers of the rocks. It says that the new layer of sedimentary rocks lie over the old layer.

The deeper we go, the older the rocks we will find. Index fossil of animals that lived or survived only for a short period of time are very useful. An example of index fossil can be Ammonites that were found in Mesozoic era that was about 25-35 million years ago.

Final answer:

Index fossils are used by geologists and palaeontologists to determine the relative age of rock layers and identify different geological periods. They are effective markers of time because they appear in a consistent, limited time span.


Index fossils are a powerful tool used by geologists and palaeontologists. Specifically, these fossils are used to determine the relative age of a layer of rock and identify geological periods. This is possible because index fossils are found to occur in a particular time span, and not beyond that.

For example, let's suppose a fossil of a creature that we know lived about 100 million years ago is found in a rock layer. This suggests that the rock layer would also probably be of the same period. Thus, index fossils serve as benchmarks or points of reference to determine the age of the surrounding materials.

Learn more about Index Fossils here:



Sedimentary rock is converted into metamorphic rock with the addition ofA.nuclear energy
B. Kinetic energy
C. Potential energy
D. Heat energy


D. Heat Energy

Sedimentary rock is converted into metamorphic rock with exposure to heat, pressure, heated mineral solutions, or a combination of any of them.
D. Heat Energy

When sedimentary rocks are buried deep beneath the earth’s surface, great pressure and tremendous heat change these rocks into new rocks containing different minerals. These are metamorphic rocks.

Why does an insertion mutation usually cause more defects during protein synthesis than a point mutation?a. insertion mutations only occur during transcription.
b. insertion mutations can only be silent mutations.
c. insertion mutations can affect many amino acids in the protein.
d. insertion mutations are chromosomal mutations?


The study of cells is called cell biology. There are two types of a cell on the basis of their number and these are unicellular and multicellular.

The correct answer to the question is option C that is insertion mutations can affect many amino acids in the protein.

What is transcription?

  • The conversation or transferring of the gene from DNA to RNA is called transcription.

What is mutation?

  • The abnormality in the gene in the DNA sequence which forms a mutated protein is called a mutation.

The formation of protein is called translation. This addition of genes changes the sequence of RNA which alters the protein formation while in point mutation it changes only one amino acid.

Hence, the correct answer is option C.

For more information about the transcription, refer to the link:-


20Check all strategies below that helped you
decrease experimental error in this lab.
using seeds from the same source
using the same kind of soil for both groups
giving the control and experimental groups
the same volume of water
keeping the light the same for the
experimental and control groups
measuring plant height the same way and at
the same time for both groups



It's all of the above


Answer:      all of the above


edge 2021

Will give brainlistEarth's surface is constantly changing, and new landforms are constantly taking shape due to natural processes. Which landform is most likely caused by deposition?
A. caves
B. valleys
C. Deltas
D. lakes



C. Deltas

Hope it helped :)