A person with a mass of 15kg is walking uphill at a velocity of2m/s. What is the walker's momentum?


Answer 1


30 kgm/s


The momentum of a body is given by the product of mass and  its velocity.

∴ momentum = mv

                        = 15 × 2

                        = 30 kgm/s

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Please really need help with this
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When using a series circuit to connect four small light bulbs, which statement is MOST accurate?A) If one bulb fails, the other three can remain operational.
B) The current passing through each bulb is the same.
C) By adding more light bulbs in the series, it will draw less current from the power source.
D) As more light bulbs are added in series, the brightness of the bulbs will stay the same.



The correct answer is option b) "The current passing through each bulb is the same."


A series circuit is one where there is only one path for the current, from the power supply source through all the elements of the circuit, to return again to the source.

Because the current flowing through it only has one way to go, the same amount of current will be supplied at the same intensity throughout the circuit.

The equivalent or total resistance of the circuit is the sum of the resistances that compose it and will be greater than the greater of the resistances of the circuit. This means that as we add terminals (the devices connected to the power grid, which receive the current and transform it into another type of energy), the resistance increases.

Taking into account the definitions and characteristics above, the correct answer is option b) "The current passing through each bulb is the same."

It's B.

The current passing through each bulb is the same. As you add more light bulbs, the current will decrease in each, but it will always be the same current passing through each one.

How is a euglena like a plant cell? How is it like an animal cell?Like a plant cell:

Like an animal cell:


The answer is a euglena has parts that allow it to move and catch food as an animal does. It also has chloroplasts, so it can make its own food, as a plant does.

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A student pushes a 40-N block across the floor for a distance of 10 m. How much work was done to move the block? Question 3 options: 4 J 40 J 400 J 4,000 J



The work done to move the block is 400 Joules.


It is given that,

Force acting on the block, F = 40 N

The distance covered by the block, d = 10 m

We need to find the work done by the block. The work done by an object is given by :

W=F* d

W=40\ N* 10\ m

W = 400 Joules

So, the work done to move the block is 400 Joules. Hence, the correct option is (B) "400 J".

40x10=400 J 

Work = Force x distance 

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1.)strong winds
2.)low precipitation
3.)short and soggy summers
4.)long and cold winters
5.)bad soil

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When we swing a pendulam, it swings back and forth but eventually it stops. This is due friction with air. It is also because the kinetic energy released by the pendulam is dissipated into the air.
it runs out of momentoum so it stops swinging