a popular fast food restaurant sella on average 18 orders of fries every 3 mins based on this information how many orders of fries does this restaurant sell in an hour


Answer 1
Answer: considering 3 goes into 60 20 times, we would multiply 20 times 18, and we would get 360. so 360 orders of fries in an hour.

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The diameter of a circle is 28 inches. Find the circumference and area. Use 22/7 for pie


The circumference of the circle is 88 inches, and the area is 616 square inches.

Here, we have,

To find the circumference and area of a circle, we can use the formulas:

Circumference = π × Diameter

Area = π × (Radius)²

Given that the diameter of the circle is 28 inches, we can calculate the radius by dividing the diameter by 2:

Radius = Diameter / 2

           = 28 inches / 2

           = 14 inches

Using the value of π as 22/7, we can now calculate the circumference and area:

Circumference = π × Diameter

                         = (22/7) × 28 inches

                        = 88 inches

Area = π × (Radius)²

         = (22/7) × (14 inches)²

        = 616 square inches

Therefore, the circumference of the circle is 88 inches, and the area is 616 square inches.

Learn more about circle here:



Radius is 14

14 * 22/7 = 44

The area is 44


C = 2*22/7*14

The circumference is 88

chris is on a vacation at a lake house for the weekend and decided to rent a canoe for the day. they charge $10 service free plus $38 per hour and he can spend at most $200 how many hours can he rent the canoe


10 +38h < =200

subtract 10 from each side

38h < =190

divide by 38


Answer:  They can rent at most 5 hours

$200 - the $10 fee leaves you  with $190 to spend with $38 per hour

divide 190 by 38 to get 5

you can rent the canoe for 5 hrs

How many times can 26 go into 59


It can only go twice. 26 x 2 = 52, but 59 - 52 is 7, which is smaller than 26. So the final answer should be 2.
Hope this helped! :)

Kirks family drove 36 miles in 50 minutes, which was 48% of the distance to his grandmothers houseWhat was the total distance in miles to Kirk's grandmothers house?

A 17.28 miles
B 24 miles
C 48 miles
D 75 miles


wait a sec while i answer this.
to find out the total... you would divide 36 by 48 and then times it by 100 which would equal 75 miles


D. 75 Miles

Step-by-step explanation:

I took the test online in K12 and when I reviewed it said that 75 Miles is the correct answer.

name the lengths of the sides of three rectangles that have perimeter of 14 units. use only whole numbers


ok so I name them Bob, Joe, and Harry

if total perimiter=14 then
Bob has legnth of 1 and width of 1
Joe has legnth of 1 and width of 1
Harry has legnth of 2 and width of 1

if each rectangle has perimiter of 14 then
Bob has legnth of 4 and width of 3
Joe has legnth of 5 and width of 2
Harry has legnth of 6 and width of 1

The what of a two-dimensional figure can be any side?


The LENGTH of a two-dimensional figure can be any side.