analyze the economic development during the twentieth century in Sub-saharan Africa, Southeast asia, or the middle east.(pick one region)#one paragraph is all i need


Answer 1

I know the answer but I forget wait

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Define interstate compact
Mr. Fuller assigned his science class a lab comparing the masses of objects to the nearest gram using a balance. The mass of a paper clip is about 1 gram. How many paper clips will it take to balance the scale, if it is determined that a 1 centimeter cube of gold has the mass of 19.3 grams?
1.) Look at the following map. The black dots show the distribution of earthquakes that have happenedaround the world. Describe where in the world they have happened (you can use an atlas).
What is the kinetic energy of a 0.5-kg ball traveling at a speed of 300 m/sec?
Some activities can be called games. Which of these activities is a game ?A. Making lunch B. Playing solitaireC. Running laps D. Listening to music

When playing the card game Blackjack, multiple decks are used and reshuffled often so that the outcomes of the cards dealt are approximately independent. When a player receives two cards that are a combination of an ace and a face card, this is called a “natural blackjack” and automatically wins. A natural blackjack should occur in 4.5% of the rounds played. What is the probability that a player plays 20 rounds of Blackjack and gets two or more natural blackjacks?


The probability that a player plays 20 rounds of Blackjack and gets two or more natural blackjacks is 0.227.

Given the following data:

How to calculate the probability.

In this scenario, we can deduce that the number of natural Blackjacks (B) is in tandem with a binomial distribution with the following parameters:

  • Sample mean, n = 20.
  • Percentage, P = 4.5% = 0.045.

Mathematically, the probability that a player plays 20 rounds of Blackjack and gets two or more natural blackjacks is given by:

P(B ≥ 2) = 1 - P(B ≤ 1)

P(B ≥ 2) = 1- 0.773

P(B ≥ 2) = 0.227.

Read more on probability here:


The correct answer is (C) or .227. The number of natural blackjacks (X) follows a binomial distribution with n=20, p=0.045.



Making friends is an important part of life. For some people, making friends is very easy, but for others it can be difficult. What can people do to make friends and what are the benefits of having good friends?


ANSWER: To make friends a person can initiate small talks with others. There will be some common topics that may raise out of that conversation which will help to make the connection deeper. There may be instances where there are no common topic between the two. In such cases, one can be a good listener and try to get to know about the other person.

In today's world, making friends through social media websites are very common and easy. Like minded people often connect to each other through pages of interest and places.

Good friends are really very helpful in one's life. A friend can be very helpful in many ways like to vent out a person's anger or frustrations by sharing their life stories with others, friends often become a great shoulder to cry your pain out. A friend can also be helpful when someone is in desperate need of financial crisis. Friends often help to boost happiness and reduce stress. Hence it is proven that a friend in need is a friend indeed.


People can make friends by finding people with common interests as them, you could meet friends by playing on the same sports team, going to the same comic book store, or even playing games with someone online. Having good friends helps build trust and connections with people outside of your family, it also gives you different perspectives on how other people see things.


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The perimeter of the parallelogram ABCD is 30 cm. AD 3 cm more than twice AB. Find the length of AB. A) 3 cm
B) 4 cm
C) 9 cm
D) 11 cm
Can someone explain step by step plz??? I have seen someone answer this but they where confusing



Option B.


It is given that the perimeter of the parallelogram ABCD is 30 cm.

Let measure of AB is x cm.

AD 3 cm more than twice AB.

AD = 2x + 3

Perimeter of ABCD is







Divide both sides by 6.


The measure of AB is 4 cm.

Hence, the correct option is B.


i think its c?


Which one of the following is an example of a formal region?A. The US Corn Belt
B. Northwest Airlines
C. Dixie
D. Retailing region of Chicago
E. The MIdwest

This is AP Human Geography by the way. Thanks!


I think it's (A)!! "The US Corn Belt."

Please this is disgusting dirty and ugly and i just took a shower 1. Gather information through an interview. Prepare a set of questions that will help you trace the family's migration history, including instances of internal migration. Specifically address the types of immigration (internal or international), the characteristics of the immigrants (age, sex, and economic and family status at the time), reasons for the migration, where the migrants settled (Was it an ethnic enclave?), the existence of chain migration, and intervening obstacles in the migration process.
2. Prepare a map that is illustrated and annotated with the names of towns and cities of the migration and include arrows to indicate movements, dates for moves, and basic push-pull factors (such as job opportunities) that prompted migration. Organize the information you will use to present a narrative account of the migrations. Note that your narrative should also address what types of social, cultural, economic, and political effects each step in the migration had.
3. Select a way to present a narrative account of the family's migrations. You have several choices for presenting your narrative. You may wish to use the Web 2.0 tools feature to learn more about these options.
• Slide Presentation
• Essay
• Weblog (blog)
• Podcast
• Video


I am pretty sure it's essay but I am not really sure


The distribution of random variable R has mean 10 and standard deviation 4. The distribution of random variable S has mean 7 and standard deviation 3. If R and S are independent, what are the mean and standard deviation of the distribution of R−S ?A) Mean 3 and standard deviation 1

B) Mean 3 and standard deviation 5

C) Mean 3 and standard deviation 7

D) Mean 17 and standard deviation 1

E) Mean 17 and standard deviation 5


The mean and standard deviation of the distribution of R−S is;

Option B; Mean 3 and standard deviation 5

We are given details of two random variables R and S.


- Mean; μ_R = 10

- Standard deviation; σ_R = 4

RandomVariable S;

- Mean; μ_S = 7

- Standard Deviation; σ_S = 3

We want to carry out R - S for both mean and standard deviation

1) For Mean; R - S would simply be done by subtracting normally as done in arithmetic operations.

Thus;  μ_R -   μ_S = 10 - 3

μ_R -   μ_S = 7

2) For standard deviation;

We know that standard deviation is not independent as it is the square root of variance.

Therefore, if we want to add or subtract standard deviations, it means that the variation will increase.

Thus, the difference in standard deviation is;

σ_R - σ_S = √((σ_R)² + (σ_S)²)

σ_R - σ_S = √((4)² + (3)²)

σ_R - σ_S = √25

σ_R - σ_S = 5

In conclusion, the distribution of R - S gives;

Mean = 3 and Standard deviation = 5

Read more at;

Answer: B

Mean of 3 and Standard deviation of 5


Performing operations on means of independent variables is similar to performing arithmetic operations on natural numbers.

Subtracting the mean of S from R is 10 - 7 = 3

For the difference in standard deviation. It should be noted that when combining variables, the variation within the distribution. So therefore, adding or subtraction of variables, the variation will increase and will yield same answer.

To obtain the difference in standard deviation, the variances of the random variables has to be added and then the square root will be taken to return back to standard deviation.





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ITS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY NOT NOT NOT ADVANCED PLACEMENTITS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY AS THE SUBJECTGIVING THE MOST ACCURATE ANSWER MONEYAMOUNT: 10 US dollarsHOW: SENDING IT TO YOUR PAYPALDONT HAVE PAYPAL: GO TO PAYPAL.COM AND SIGNUPWILL YOU RESPOND FAST: YES1. What are the examples of your work known as in photographsA. PORTFOLIO. B. VITAE. C.SYLLABUS. D. LAYER2. What is the educational path for professional photographers?A. MASTERS IN FINE ARTS. B. TRAINING WITH A PROFFESIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. C. A DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY D. THERE IS NO UNIFORM EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS3. scientific photographer concentrates on which subject?A. SOCIAL ISSUES. B. DISEASE. C. CRIME SCENES. D. FASHION4. A commercial photographer concentrates on which subject?A. DISEASE. B. CRIME SCENES. C. FASHION. D. SOCIAL ISSUES5. Forensic photographers photograph which of the following?A. PRODUCTS. B. FAMILIES. C. CRIME SCENES. D. PETS6. A photojournalist would be most likely to be employed by which of the following?A. NEWSPAPER. B. RESTAURANT. C. TRAVEL AGENCY. D. GOVERNMENT7. Photographers who own studios are responsible for what costs?A. ADVERTISING. B. EQUIPMENT MAINTENACE. C. INSURANCE. D. ALL THE ABOVE8. What is the first step in becoming a professional photographer?A. GOING TO PHOTOGRAPH SCHOOL. B. INTERNING WITH A PHOTOGRAPHER. C. DECIDING TO FOCUS ON A PARTICULAR AREA OF PHOTOGRAPHY. D. HAVING A PASSION AND INTEREST FOR PHOTOGRAPHY9. Professional photographers spend very little time improving their work or learning new skills.A. TRUE. B. FALSE10. Professional photographers often spend a great deal of time talking to clients and editing photographs.A. TRUE. B. FALSE11. It is very difficult to enter the field of photography as a career.A.TRUE B. FALSE12. The need for photographers is decreasing in the United States.A. TRUE. B. FALSE13. In preparing for a career in photography, it is important to develop a strong portfolio.A. TRUE. B. FALSE. 14. Freelance photographers often have greater flexibility in the hours they work and the types of photographs that they can take.A. TRUE. B. FALSE15. Many photographers work non-traditional hours, such as weekends.A. TRUE. B. FALSEIT IS NOT ADVANCED PLACEMENT ITS PHOTOGRAPHYITS PHOTOGRAPHYITS PHOTOGRAPHY