When did the two-party political system first develop?


Answer 1


soon after the nation was founded in 1776


the nation was founded in 1776

Answer 2


It was first developed in the 1790s

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What impact did the Reformation have on the religious geography of the Americas?


It caused America to have a variety of Christian denominations such as the Catholics, Puritans, Quakers, Presbyterians, etc.
Spanish, Portuguese and French  colonies - Catholics
English and Dutch colonies - Protestants

Opinion about black cats


They're amazing. But their hair is EVERWHERE. I had a black cat and let me tell ya- I found her hair everywhere. 

. Who received the second largest number of electoral votes in the 1796 election? John Adams Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr


Answer: Thomas Jefferson received the second largest number of electoral votes in the 1796 election.

Explanation:The two big candidates of the United States presidential election of 1796 that aimed at taking the place of George Washington were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. This was the first presidential election in which political parties held a key role. John Adams represented the Federalist Party, while Thomas Jefferson represented the Democratic-Republican Party. Finally, John Adams won the elections with 71 electoral votes.Jefferson received 68, the second largest number of electoral votes.

Thomas Jefferson he ran for Democratic-Republican 68 is the votes he got

When was jack the ripper born??


Most sources and people say he was born around 1888 however since he was never caught there is no official birth date
From August 7 to September 10 in 1888

Which of the following was a key element of the American System?states' rights

protective tariffs

the abolition of slavery

two-party politics



Protective tariffs were a key element of the American System.


The American system was a protectionist economic strategy adopted in the United States after the Anglo-American War of 1812.

The strategy was based on the imposition of heavy tariffs to finance the construction of infrastructures, the development of a central bank that encouraged the company and the strengthening of the internal currency. The tariffs would also have allowed the US to effectively counteract the dumping actions carried out mainly by the British Empire.

In large part, the provision was based on the thought of the American School of Alexander Hamilton.

protective tariffs :)

In 1870, settlers moving west from El Paso to Los Angeles would have followed the A.
Old Spanish Trail
California Trail
Gila Trail
Oregon Trail


The answer is C - Gila Trail that how you would get from El Paso to LA

Answer: c

Explanation: I took the assignment and did some feedback on it