How was tubman treated as a slave ?


Answer 1
Answer: horrible, thats why she ran away

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What is an example of a biotic limiting factor in an ecosystem?
What types of local conflicts became Cold War conflicts? -conflicts where the United States and the Soviet Union had competing interests - only conflicts where a U.S. ally was a participant -conflicts where NATO members were participants -only conflicts where there was a shared border with a U.S. ally
Why did King Henry VIII have Thomas More beheaded? A. Thomas More believed in the teachings of Martin Luther. B. The king wanted to appoint Thomas More archbishop of Canterbury and he refused. C. The king heard that monasteries were corrupt. D. More refused to recognize the king as the head of the Church of England.
Every _____ years the MODERN olympics take place.
What happened at the Battle of Yorktown? French troops fought alongside American troops for the first time. British forces chased American troops to Valley Forge. American and French forces trapped the British forces.

Which country was responsible for the exploration of the St. Lawrence and Mississippi Rivers? France Spain England the Netherlands


It was France that was responsible
The answer is France.

What is something that web dubois would be dissapionted to now about today‚Äč



all people of African descent had common interests and should work together in the struggle for their freedom.


Why did the translation to collectivization result in widespread starvation



  • In Soviet Russia and China, Collectivization was a system introduced by the Stalin government in the 1920s to 1940s.
  • This system meant that peasants and farmers were not allowed to keep the foods and grains for themselves as the government made it no longer possible for peasants to have their own land.


  • This led to a widespread famine and resulted in widespread starvation in the Soviet Union especially in Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.
  • The system was a major success for the government however a huge disaster and hardship for the innocent peasants.



A result of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was



C  ''thousands of Americans died, and the US declared war''

The us declared war on Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor

Match the numbers with the letters1. a person who seeks safety in a foreign country
2. to divide into smaller, usually hostile, regions
3. the link between geography and politics
4. a government-controlled farm
5. foreign control of another nation
6. mass killing
7. a person with no permanent dwelling place who moves from one place to another
8. a nation able to influence global events

A. balkanize
B. collective
C. genocide
D. geopolitical
E. imperialism
F. nomad
G. refuge
H. superpower



1 - g

2 - a

3 - d

4 - b

5 - e

6 - c

7 - f

8 - h


1 - g: Refuge is a noun that refers to a place that involves safeness for a person called refugee, known for the act of leaving his/her home place in the search of a better place to stay, commonly in a foreign country.

2 - a: Balkanization is a geopolitical term that involves the fragmentation of a region into smaller regions, understood as the result of foreign policies.

3 - d: Geopolitical is the science that study the effects of the country's geographycs locations and its politics relations between each other.

4 - b: Collective is a term use to refer to a group of entities linked between each other for a common interest that they share and try to achieve.

5 - e: Imperialism is an ideology known for the expantion of a nation's rules to others foreign nations, commonly by domination using force.

6 - c: Genocide is the act of destroying people by intention. In much cases these people have a common characteristic between them, like religion, nationality, etc.

7 - f: Nomad is a noun that refers to a person that has no permanent place to stay so it needs to keep moving from one place to another the whole time. Generaly in the past eras, where the people couldn't build a safe home, used to keep changing places to stay so that they could stay safe or they could stay close to their food, in most cases, animal food.  

8 - h: Superpower means the situation where a nation is so powerfull that its actions make effects all around the globe and influence the whole context of others countries. This is done thanks to a combination of economic, military, cultural and technological strengh.










What is Menes last name?


As in the pharaoh? I don't think he has a last name. It's just Menes.