1000 at 6% interest for 3 years


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

6% in decimal form is 0.06. So for every additional year take the total times 1.06 to get the total.

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Write (1/3i)-(-6+2/3i) as a complex number in standard form

[(53- 2^2) \ (2+5)]^2




Step-by-step explanation:

53 - 2^2 = 53 - 4 = 49

2 + 5 = 7

49/7 = 7

7^2 = 49

Find the sum of 362+265. Explain why you did or did not regroup.




Step-by-step explanation:

We have to find the sum of the given expression which is:

We start adding from right hand digits

we will first add right most digit of 362 and 265

which is 2+5=7

Now, the previous right most digit from both the numbers which is 6+6=12

Now, since, we are getting a two digit number we will consider right digit from the resultant which is 2 and 1 will be taken as carry to the next two digits that are to be added

Now, we will ad next two digits that are left which is 3+2=5 and 1 carry will be added


Final result is written as in sequence they were added which is 627

The answer would be 627. You would have to regroup because when you add 6+6 the number has two digits so you have to carry the one.
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Solve 5x - 3y = 9 for y.


5x - 3y = 9
5x = 9 + 3y
5x - 9 = 3y 
( 5x - 9 ) / 3 = y
y = ( 5 / 3x ) - ( 9 / 3 ) ( I just split the common denominator to individual parts ) 
y = 5 / 3x - 3

The solution is y = (5x - 9) / 3

To solve the equation 5x - 3y = 9 for y, we need to isolate the variable y on one side of the equation.

Step 1: Move the term with y to the other side of the equation.

Subtract 5x from both sides of the equation:

5x - 3y - 5x = 9 - 5x

This simplifies to:

-3y = 9 - 5x

Step 2: Divide both sides by -3 to solve for y:

y = (9 - 5x) / -3

Therefore, the solution for y is:

y = (-9 + 5x) / 3

You can also express the solution as:

y = (5x - 9) / 3

Either form represents the solution for y in terms of x for the given equation.

Learn more about Equations here:



The following table shows the distance from the bus stop as a function of time:Time (in minutes)
x Distance (in meters)
0 45
3 40
6 35
9 30
12 25

Find and interpret the meaning of the x-intercept in this scenario.
(45, 0); the distance away from the bus stop
(27, 0); the time it takes to reach the bus stop
(45, 0); the time it takes to reach the bus stop
(27, 0); the distance away from the bus stop



Step-by-step explanation:

The equation of the line in Slope-Intercept form is:


Where "m" is the slope and "b" is the y-intercept.

Find the slope of the line with this formula:


Choose two points from the table and substitute the coordinates into the formula. Then, the slope is:


 By definition, the line intersects the y-axis when the value of "x" is zero (x=0).

Based on the table, the y-intercept is:


Then the equation of the line is:


The line intersects the x-axis when the value of "y" is zero (y=0), then you can substitute these value into the equation  and solve for "x":


So, you get the point:


Since the table shows the distance from the bus stop as a function of time, you can conclude that meaning of the x-intercept in this scenario is: "The distance away from the bus stop".

Answer: (27, 0); the distance away from the bus stop

Negative 1 minus 8 equals


the answer is -9 because when you have a negative and you subtract the answer is negative
-9 because - minus a - equals a -

Vijay has 4 hours of music on his MP3 player.Jazz makes up 1/6 of the total time.How many hours of Jazz are on Vijay's MP3?


4x60=240 min. (4 hours)
240/6=40 min.
There is 40 min. of jazz on Vijay's MP3 player.
Hope this helps! :)
2/3 of an hour (40 minutes) of jazz is on Vijay's mp3.