Under which jeys do the page up and page down keys fall under


Answer 1


Page up(PgUp) and Page down(PgDn) keys fall under the navigation keys.


Page up(PgUp) and Page down(PgDn) keys fall under the navigation keys.

They include the four Arrow keys, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys.

Arrow Keys:

One of four computer keys marked with an up, down, left, or right arrow, used for moving the cursor.

Page Up and Page down:

Page Up and Page Down keys abbreviated as PgUp and PgDn are two keys commonly found on computer keyboards. The two keys are used to scroll up or down in documents.

Home Key:

The Home key is used to return the typing cursor to the beginning of the line on which you are currently typing.

End Key:

The end key is opposite to home key. It is used to return the typing cursor to the end of the line on which you are currently typing....

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