Why was ending segregation so difficult


Answer 1
Answer: Because it was legal in all 50 US states. Hope this helps.

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In what way did the ideas of the declaration of Sentiments differ from the ideas found in the Declaration of independence??
I just need help on the question that says Methods of Battle. If you want to you can correct me on any of my answers. Would Somebody mind helping me out a little? Would somebody please Help me out here? I need the help before May. Is anybody nice enough to answer me?
PLZ help will mark BrainliestWhich statements describe causes of the Spanish-American War in 1898?Choose all answers that are correct. Spanish authorities in Cuba were accused of atrocities against the people.President McKinley declared war to help his chances of winning reelection.Americans believed that the Spanish had sunk the battleship U.S.S. MaineYellow journalism stirred up pro-war fervor in the American public.
Under which dynasty did trade on the Silk Road reach its peak? A. Han B. Tang C. Sui D. Song I think its a.han
GUYS THESE ARE THE REST OF THOSE HISTORY QUESTIONS13. Which outspoken reformer worked tirelessly to expose the dangers and disgraceful working conditions of child labor? A.Upton SinclairB.Ida TarbellC.Mother JonesD.Samuel McClure14. John Muir is closely identified with which social reform movement of the late 1800s? A.voting rights for womenB.exposing political corruptionC.ending racial discriminationD.preservation of wilderness15. Who was the leader of the political machine that ran New York City by using bribery and intimidation in the late 1800s?A.William TweedB.John D. RockefellerC.Ely BeachD.Thomas Nast16. What was the goal of the Prohibitionists? A.to overturn Jim Crow lawsB.to outlaw the consumption of alcoholC.to ban child labor practicesD.to restrict immigration quotas17. Who was considered the greatest leader of the Nez Perce people? A.Red CloudB.Chief SeattleC.Chief JosephD.Cochise18. Which civil right is spelled out in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution? A.Women cannot be denied the right to vote.B.Public education must be free for all citizens.C.Workers cannot be fired for joining a union.D.Former slaves are permitted to own land.19. "Women in the nineteenth century had the responsibilities but not the rights of citizenship."Which statement supports this claim?A.Women had to serve on juries but could not run for office.B.Women had to pay taxes but could not vote.C.Women had to obey the law but could not express their opinions in writing.D.Women could be arrested but could not ask for a jury trial.

witch external proved to be the greatest continuing threat to the Byzantine empire in the 15 th century?


The Late Middle Ages or Late Medieval Period was the period of European history lasting from 1250 to 1500 AD. The Late Middle Ages followed the High Middle Ages and preceded the onset of the early modern era (and, in much of Europe, the Renaissance).Around 1300, centuries of prosperity and growth in Europe came to a halt. A series of famines and plagues, including the Great Famine of 1315–1317 and the Black Death, reduced the population to around half of what it was before the calamities. Along with depopulation came social unrest and endemic warfare. France and England experienced serious peasant uprisings, such as the Jacquerie and the Peasants' Revolt, as well as over a century of intermittent conflict, the Hundred Years' War. To add to the many problems of the period, the unity of the Catholic Church was temporarily shattered by the Western Schism. Collectively, those events are sometimes called the Crisis of the Late Middle Ages

Which best explains the caste system?A.
a Buddhist idea that each person has many lives until they reach spiritual perfection

the belief that the essential self of a living being dies upon reaching Nirvana

social class division developed by Aryans who believed they were superior to others

a set of mental and physical disciplines used to unite the self with the universal essence


The answer is most likely C.

How did the cottage industry end?


I believe it was the growth of advanced machinery. Throughout the 18 and 19 century, we began to change. Make more advanced technology because it made life much more easier. They called it the Industrial Revolution. Keyword industrial. That's what my instructor taught me.
"Sustainability" bring to mind, although applications such as soil conservation process, sustainable production covers more than ecological concerns. Environment entries by minimizing world resources in a good way of due diligence, as well as sustainable agricultural producers - American Cotton Industry like - farms' economic viability and sustain community life quality as a whole to improve.

The Declaration of Independence was significant in the creation of the Constitution for all of the following reasonsEXCEPT:
A. the concept of unalienable rights
B. the concept of a unicameral legislature
the concept of equality and right to citizen participation
D. the concept of government power residing with the


The exception was the concept of a unicameral legislature.

The Declaration of Independence was adopted on the July 4, 1776 and proved that ideals can only be possible if the American resident rule themselves with its rule.

  • The Article of Confederation was adopted as constitution after declaration of independence in 1776.

  • However, the article does not establish the concept of a unicameral legislature but rather the right to liberty, life and happiness.

In conclusion, the exception to the significant ot the Declaration of Independence in creation of the Constitution is concept of a unicameral legislature.

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I don’t know if I’m certain but I want to believe it’s between b or d. My reasoning is because a they have their rights, no one can take that, the declaration was a part of that as well as c. So for right now I would chose b.

In the 11th century blank brought Islam to India


caliphs brought Islam to India

Elements are composed ofA) many type of atoms.
B) the same type of atom.
C) many different compounds.
D) the same type of compound.



Elements are made up of atoms of that element. electrons are the electrons in the atom(duh) and quarks make up the neutrons and protons in the atom's nucleus.( So *A* )