Which sequence of events shows how Mesopotamia developed?a.
People formed divisions of labor. The population grew. Agriculture was the basis of the society.
People built cities. People grew crops. People built canals.
People made laws. People moved to villages and cities. People lived where crops could grow.
People settled where crops could grow. The population grew. Villages and cities formed.

Please select the best answer from the choices provided



Answer 1
Answer: I think the correct answer is A
Answer 2
Answer: Think the answer is A

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Which English reformer called for change in the church during the 1300's
How did Northerners and Southerners respond to John Brown's raid on a federal arsenal?Please help to finish my homework; this is the last question
The largest province in Canada is __________. A. Quebec B. Ontario C. British Columbia D. the Northwest Territory
How did it attempt to limit the federal governments power in its decision concerning the 14th amendment?
Why were workers able to afford more products after the market revolution?prices decreased wages decreasedsalaries increased employment increased

All of the following established colonies in North America except A) The Portuguese
B) The Dutch
C) The English
D) The French



Option: A. Portuguese


The Portuguese explorers and settlers, in the beginning, settle in the North American parts of Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia claimed lands as a part of the Portuguese Empire. The main occupation of this region was cod fisheries, later abandoned. The Portuguese focused on the exploration of South America where they found resources like Brazilwood and later on gold and Silver. The economy of Portuguese flourished with introducing of the sugar plantations in Brazil colonies.  

The Portuguese Did not establish colonies during the colonial era

What is an example of human API?A. When a group of friends dress like the characters in Shrek and
walk around their town together

B. When a painter uses social media to show the progress of a mural
and takes suggestions from viewers

c. When people use social media to plan a flash performance of a
Broadway number in the subway

D. When two people simultaneously work on sculptures of each other
in front of a studio audience



An example of human API here would be B. When someone is working on something and he or she uses social media to show progress and to take suggestions from viewers that are human API. This is a great way of interaction since the artists, in this case, can listen in and adjust his creation based on constructive criticism.

Will mark brainliest please helpSuppose the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Which of the following predicts the most likely results?

The money supply will decrease, meaning that banks will give fewer loans and prices for goods and services will fall.
The money supply will decrease, meaning that more people will buy goods and services and prices will rise.
The money supply will increase, meaning that banks will give more loans and more businesses can open and hire workers.
The money supply will increase, meaning that prices will rise and businesses will not hire many workers.


answer :

the money supply will decrease, meaning that banks will give fewer loans and prices for good and services will fall.

hope this helps !!

The policy of preventing communism from spreading around the world was


The correct answer is: containment.

Containment was the US policy of keeping communism from spreading beyond the bounds of the Soviet Union.

The fourth era of American political party history, which began in 1968, is characterized by _____.



A divided government.


A Divided Government is when a party controls the executive branch when the other party controls one of both houses of the legislative branch. When Richard Nixon was elected in 1968 the government became divided. Since then, Republican presidents needed to deal with a Congress that as mostly controlled by the Democrats.

Final answer:

The fourth era of American political party history, which began in 1968, is characterized by party realignment and issue-based politics.


The fourth era of American political party history, which began in 1968, is characterized by the realignment of political parties based on social and cultural issues. This era, known as the Era of Divided Party Government, saw significant changes in the political landscape, with the Republican Party gaining strength in the South and the Democrats gaining support from urban areas and minority groups. The era was also marked by the rise of issue-based politics, such as the Vietnam War, civil rights, and social conservatism.

Learn more about American political party history here:



What is true about how climate affects the food that people eat?


Yes it true, climate affects the food that people eat. Not only pollution but the gradual exploitation of natural resources are to be blamed for such disasters. Over the years, the impact of the environmental rage and climatic change are pretty evident on everything present on earth, be it the temperature fluctuations, increase in the air pollution level or the cultivation of natural produce. Have you ever wondered, how this climate change is impacting the food we eat. Unfortunately, the depletion of natural produce began way back, and over a period of time it has reached to such a state that in the years to come a few of our favourite foods will not be available. Yes, you read it right, the affect of climate change has turned out to be a threat for these food items. As per a recent research these endangered list of food items are believed to vanish from the surface of the earth in the next 25 to 30 years from now.