How many rational numbers are there between -10 and 10


Answer 1

There is an infinite amount of rational numbers between -10 and 10.

A rational number is ant number that can be expressed in simple terms, this includes decimals.

Answer 2


Step-by-step explanation:

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In a bin containing 500 marbles, 180 are red, 240 are blue, and 80 are green. In a bowl of 25 marbles scooped from this bin, how many would be expected to be green? A. 4 B. 8 C. 9 D. 12
88 is 11% of what number
Jeremy is taking a photography class, but he doesn't own a camera. The class organizers will rent him a camera for $6 per day. Jeremy can spend up to $50 for the class, but he has to pay $15 to register for the class as well as rent the camera. The number of days, d, that Jeremy can rent the camera is represented by the inequality 6d + 15 < 50. How many days can Jeremy rent the camera?a.5b.6c.8d.9e.10
Select the objects that hold the same amount of liquid as a 96 fluid-ounce jug. Mark all that apply. ( also please support your answer by explaining so I can understand.)A) three 1 quart bottles B) two 1 quart bottles C) two 1 quart bottles and two 1-pint bottles D) one 1 quart bottle and eight 8-ounce fluid glasses E) two 8 ounce fluid glasses and two 1 pint bottles
Chloe made a small pan of ziti and a smallpan of lasagna. She cut the ziti into 8 equal parts and the lasagna into 9 equal parts. Her family ate 2_ 3 of the lasagna. If her family ate more lasagna than ziti, what fraction of the ziti could have been eaten?

What's 10x10^100 power ?


the answer is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. This is basically 101 zeros. The reason for that is because since 10^100 already has 100 zeros, multiplying it by one more will give it one more zero making it 101 zeros.
However, if you want it in an exponent form the answer is 10^101 I believe.



Step-by-step explanation:

10x10^100 is simply 100^100

We know 100^100 = 1e+200!

How to find area of square


To find the area of a square, remember that a square is a type of rectangle so we can use the following formula to find its area.

Area = length × width

However, since the length and width of a square are always equal, we use a special version of this formula to find the area of a square.

Instead of area = length × width, we say that the area of a square is equal to side × side or s².

I'll show an example.

Image provided.

Since each side of a square is the same, it can simply be the length of one side squared. So multiply the sides by one another say your square had a length of 10 and to find the area multiply the other side length since all squares mostly have the same side length multiply it by ten again and you get 100.

A ball falls, rebounds to 72% of its previous height and falls again. After two bounces, the ball reached a height of 25cm. From what height was the ball dropped originally?


Max  Height after first bounce = 25/0.72 = 34.72cm
Original Height from which the ball was dropped = 34.72/0.72 = 48.22 cm (2 decimal places)

Find the coordinates of an image of point R(3, -5) rotated 180 degrees about the origin.


if it was rotated 180, then the  siigns are switched becasue 180 is 1/2 of 360, so the signs are switched and you get (-3,5)

this was kind of easy so maybe I am wrong.
When you rotate a coordinate pair by 180 degrees you simply multiply the x and the y by a negative 1

so 3 x -1 and -5 x -1 will give you a new coordinate pair of (-3, 5)

hope this helps

How many times can 36 go into 477


36 goes into 477 about 13.25 times
477/36= 13.25 
You divide the two numbers to see that 36 will go into 477, 13.25 times. 

How to write 2.75 quarts in words


There are a number of ways to express that. 
"Two point seven-five" is one reading. Another would be "Two and seventy-five hundredths." Using a fractional equivalent, one might also say "two and three-quarters" or "two and three-fourths".
Two point seventy five quarts 
i think..