The amazing successes of science are because scientists have followed the rules of science.True



Answer 1


The statement 'the amazing successes of science are because scientists have followed the rules of science' is false.


  • The discipline of Science, is as successful as it is today because the scientists chose to challenge the pre-established beliefs and carried out successful experiments that allowed them to prove more and more theories and quote more and more axioms and postulates.
  • If the scientists had rather chosen to stick to the contemporary rules that were believed to be true before having proved false, Science wouldn't have been as successful.
Answer 2
Answer: the answer to the question is false

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Whats 4 things that affect the tides


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One thing that is the most obvious and known to everyone is the moons gravitational pull. But another one some people fail to mention is that the sun also plays a part in the making of tides.

An interesting thing is that winds and weather affect the tides level. If the wind is fierce it can push the water away from the coast and affect the tide.

The next but most unknown to us is the actual coast. Depending on the size of the coast or shore, (you may know this as the beach), determines the range the tide is able to push up. Smaller shores tend to have a higher tide.

Hope I was able to help. :) Have a nice day.

Earth’s inner core is a. a dense ball of solid metal.

b. a layer of molten metal.

c. a layer of hot rock.

d. a layer of rock that forms Earth’s outer skin.


The correct answer is - a. a dense ball of solid metal.

Earth's inner core is the layer of the Earth that is the most dense, has the biggest mass, and is the one that mostly creates the gravitational pull of our planet. It is thought to be consisted of metal, solid one, but under enormous pressure and temperature. The metal that dominates in here is the iron, and it is accompanied by nikel. The inner core is essential for the life on Earth as it affects everything that happens on its surface. It is getting weaker over time, and once it is in function anymore the life on Earth with vanish, luckily this will be in the far future.

earth's inner core is a. a dense ball of solid metal.

What is the largest part of the earth: the core,the mantle, or the crust


The answer to this question is: mantle.
the crust due to the fact that is has a larger circumference 

What is the amount of people the earth can support comfortably


Answer: These data alone suggest the Earth can support at most one-fifth of the present population, 1.5 billion people, at an American standard of living. Water is vital.


I have to make a hypothetical city, so I need two things that I can make against the law. What would be some things to make a better city? Obviously nothing self explanatory such as "no murder" or "no sexual assault."


Maybe something to prevent millionaires/billionaires from having way more money than they need. For example, a law that forces the ultra-rich to donate a percent of their income to certain organisations or people in need when they’ve reached a certain amount of wealth.


i would think a law where no one discriminates others would be a great law.  like the butterfly effect it would maybe lead to less crime, better mental health. a law where everyone is equal whewww a whole dream.

thats the only idea i have :(


Who are the Indigenous people in the Caribbean


Answer: Caribs

Explanation: The carib were the major indigenous group in what we now know as the Caribbean so Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

When Columbus got there, it wasn not unoccupied so meaning that there were people there in full civilizations. Tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people just in the Caribbean islands.

So the Carib were like the big indigenous group they were like the power players in the Caribbean when Columbus mistakenly washed ashore in 1492.  

So we get the word caribbean from carib so it was named after the people that were living there. SOme experts say that there were about 300,000 indigenous peoples living in the caribbean at that time which is pretty big number if you think about it. By 1560 around a little over 50 years later, they were gone so they were wiped clean. Mostly this happened from disease but they were dead.