In a mixed economy, the government is most likely to control the factors of production in which industry?A.The apparel industry
B.The automotive industry
C.The technology industry
D.The health care industry


Answer 1

In a mixed economy, the government is most likely to control the factors of production in the health care industry option (D) is correct.

What is a mixed economy?

A system that has components of both both capitalism and socialism is called a mixed economy.

A mixed economy is a type of economy in which both the government and private investors or owners are permitted to influence the production-related aspects.

However, the major goal of government ownership in this sort of economy is to prevent market forces or greedy owners from exploiting or taking advantage of the people.

The healthcare industry" is the appropriate response.

This is because it involves sensitive or life-or-death situations, making it preferable for the government to regulate it in a mixed economy than of leaving the populace at the whim of certain avaricious private owners.

Thus, in a mixed economy, the government is most likely to control the factors of production in the health care industry option (D) is correct.

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Answer 2


D X health car Industry

Step-by-step explanation:

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