Write a Python function fun3(e) to update a list of numbers e such that the first and last elements have been exchanged. The function needs to also return multiplication of elements of e. You should assume that the list e has at least 2 elements.Example:

>>>lst = [4, 1, 2, -1]




Answer 1


Here is code in Python:

#function to swap first and last element of the list

#and calculate product of all elements of list

def fun3(e):

   product = 1

   temp = e[0]

   e[0] = e[-1]

   e[-1] = temp

   for a in e:

       product *= a

   return product

#create a list

inp_lst = [4, 1, 2, -1]

#call the fun3() with parameter inp_lst

print("product of all elements of list is: ",fun3(inp_lst))

#print the list after swapping

print("list after swapping first and last element: ",inp_lst)


Create a list "inp_lst" and initialize it with [4,1,2,-1]. In the function fun3() pass a list parameter "e". create a variable "product" to calculate the product of all elements.Also create a temporary variable to swap the first and last element of the list.


product of all elements of list is:  -8                                                                                        

list after swaping first and last element:  [-1, 1, 2, 4]

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The output is 20


This line divides the value of x by userVal

tmpVal = x / userVal;


tmpVal = 100/5

tmpVal = 20

This line then prints the value of tmpVal


i.e 20

Hence, The output is 20

Final answer:

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I strongly agree that B is the answer