What is a trinomial?​


Answer 1


(of an algebraic expression) consisting of three terms.


3x2 − 3y2 + 2

Answer 2
Answer: Bob!.$ jacks shjskss

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20.95 / 2.5 = ? / 0.25
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Step-by-step explanation:

How many outcomes are there for the event of rolling a 6-sided number cube and then spinning a 10-part spinner?


60 I think

because if you do the 6x10=60



Step-by-step explanation:


Monica is making 2 loaves of banana bread she needs 3/4 cup of sugar for each lot. Her measuring cup can only hold 1/4 cup of sugar. How many times will JESSICA need to fill the measuring cup in irder to get enough sugar for both loaves of bread


She'll have to fill it up 6 times.


3 times

Step-by-step explanation:

Jess needs 3/4 cup of sugar.  Note that 3/4 is the same as 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4, which in turn is the same as 3(1/4).

Jess will need to fill her 1/4-cup measure 3 times to end up with 3/4 cup of sugar in the banana bread batter.

Carpet costs $15 per square yard. How much will it cost to carpet a room that is 180 square feet?


It will cost 950 dollar to carpet a room that is 180 square feet.

What is the unitary method?

The unitary method is a method for solving a problem by the first value of a single unit and then finding the value by multiplying the single value.

It is given that Carpet costs $15 per square yard.

We need to find that How much will it cost to carpet a room that is 180 square feet.

Cost of carpet per square yard = 15 yard

We know that 1 yard  = 3 feet.

So, the Cost of carpet per square yard = 15

The Cost of carpet 3 square feet = 15

The Cost of carpet per square feet = 15/ 3 = 5 dollar

The Cost of carpet 180 square yard  = 180 x 5

= 950 dollar

Therefore, it will cost 950 dollar to carpet a room that is 180 square feet.

Learn more about the unitary method;



you have to multiply 15 by 180,if I'm wrong then you'll have to divide

^I'm sorry but i got 3 pages of homework^ my question is what is the product of 4 1/5 and 2 1/3


product means multiply lets multiply them :)
     1                1         49                                                          4
4 -----  x    2 -----  = -----    or as a mixed number  ->   9 ------
     5                3          5                                                            5

pick me as brainliest!!

Is 4.966 closer to 4.96 or 4.97


It's closer to 4.97 because if you round to the nearest tenths, you will get 4.97.
the answer to your problem is 4.97 because in 4.966 you need to look in the hundrenths place five or up you move to the next number