Straits, estuaries, and gulfs are all examples ofA landforms
B rivers
C valleys
D. bodies of water​


Answer 1
Answer: D, a strait is a small river thing, an estuary is a body of water that streams/rivers flood into, and a gulf is a huge body of water, and is most definitely not landforms, rivers, or valleys.
Answer 2


Straits, estuaries, and gulfs are all examples of __________.








bodies of water


D is the answer

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Please Help I Have a project due this week and I need help   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What was the Mayans surplus(large quantities)of food used for?


Mostly for farming. So everyone had enough food. 


The Maya were skillful farmers. They used their knowledge of calendars and seasons to grow crops. In the beginning, they grew more food than they needed. ... But most of the surplus food was stored by each city-state to feed anyone who needed it in that city-state.

Which group convinced President James Madison to go to war with England in 1812?


In Congress there were about 20 men called the "War Hawks" these men convinced Madison to declare war with England


War hawks. land-hungry politicians from the West and South were called war hawks.


I did this in 5th grade.

Cons of being a merchant in Medieval Times?


1) taxes ;they had to pay their lords via taxes for their protection
2)close approximately ;the close proximity of their homes made it very common for diseases ,filth,fires to spread among their villages.this resulted in mass death rates or incapacitated populations
3) labor;peasants worked from sun down

Medieval Merchant - Definition and Description

Definition and description of a Medieval Merchant: A Medieval Merchant was a a businessperson engaged in retail trade. The word 'merchant' is believed to be derived from the Latin word "mercari meaning to traffic and the French word "mercis" meaning wares. A Medieval merchant would often travel and traffic with foreign countries; a trafficker; a trader. A Medieval merchant would source his supplies and sell them to various customers via shops, markets or Medieval fairs. Most villages and towns in Medieval England were as self-sufficient as possible so it was the more unusual, exotic or expensive goods that a travelling merchant would generally trade in. General Merchants were called Mercers. The Mercers were later restricted to a dealer in textile fabrics, as silks or woollens.

Medieval Merchant - Products that were traded

The Middle Ages saw the rapid expansion of Medieval trade and commerce in Europe. The most important factor in the expansion of trade and commerce in Europe were the Crusades. New trade routes via Italy were opened and the Medieval merchant traded in spices, wine, food, raw materials, furs, cloth, glass, jewels and  a whole host of different luxuries. Trade made the Medieval merchants rich and their work also brought wealth to the rulers of the land in which the trading took place as they taxed all traded goods.

Obstacles to Trade and the Medieval Merchant

The bad state of the roads, the little security they offered to travellers, the extortions of all kinds to which foreign Medieval merchants were subjected, and the system of fines and tolls which each landowner thought right to exact, before letting merchandise pass through his domains, all created obstacles to the development of Middle Ages trade and commerce and as a danger to the Medieval Merchant. Due to these dangers and obstacles the Medieval Merchant Guilds were formed.

The Medieval Merchant Guilds

A Merchant Guild was an association of of traders. The Merchant Guild was able to negotiate with the lord and the trade levy became regulated. The Merchant Guilds controlled the way in which trade was conducted in the towns and applied rules to the way in which trade was conducted. The members of the Merchant Guilds became very important members of the Medieval town community. The introduction of the Merchant guilds lead to its own hierarchy and involvement in civic duties. The power of the Merchant Guild members increased and they tended to be wealthier and of higher social status than the members of the craft guilds.



Why did thousands of settlers head west during the 1800s


the dalonga gold rush


the dalonga gold rush


The destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001 by members of al-Qaeda represented which form of terrorism?Understanding Terrorism: Select the best answer from the choices provided.

A. State
B. Left-wing
C. Religious
D. Nationalist


The answer is C. Religious

Final answer:

The destructive acts on the World Trade Center by members of al-Qaeda represent the form of Religious terrorism as the acts were spurred by a radical interpretation of their religious beliefs.


The destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001 by members of al-Qaeda is best classified as Religious terrorism. This is because al-Qaeda is a radical Islamic group and the act was derived from a skewed interpretation of their religious beliefs. There are different forms of terrorism. State terrorism refers to acts carried out by a country's government. Left-wing terrorism pertains to acts done in the name of ideologies like socialism or communism. Nationalist terrorism, meanwhile, usually refers to acts carried out with the aim of creating a separate state for a particular ethnic group. In this case, the motivation for the attack was rooted in radical religious beliefs, hence it falls under religious terrorism.

Learn more about Terrorism here:




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