Which places in Florida are most effected by beach erosion?


Answer 1
Answer: One is the coastal beaches.
Answer 2
Answer: floridas costal regions are most affected by erosion

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Explain how European Union countries can retain their cultural identities. Include two examples of European products.
Which statement BEST explains the overall success or failure of the Compromise of 1850?Group of answer choicesThe compromise was largely successful due to its effectiveness in resolving sectional tensions.The compromise was a failure as a civil war started about a decade after it was agreed upon.The compromise was largely successful as the nation continued to engage in imperial expansion.The compromise was a failure due to the continued practice of slavery in the American South
Which statement about the religions of Europe is true?OA) There is no Jewish population in the Ukraine.OB) Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion of western Europe.OC) There is no Muslim population in Spain.OD) Eastern Orthodoxy is the dominant religion of western Europe.
What is the method of ice cores
How many people died in the nevado del ruiz eruption in november 13 1985

What are the two countries to the west of Japan


South Korea and China.
china and south korea

I am desperatley trying to figure this question out, since I am on a unit test and therefor cannot look back into my books. I would greatly appreciate a quick answer.--------
Which explorer is known as the first person whose expedition succeeded in sailing all the way around the world?

A. Prince Henry the Navigator

B. Bartolomeu Dias

C. Ferdinand Magellan

D. Pedro Cabral


C)Ferdinand Magellan


C. Ferdinand Magellan

What makes the sun hot liquid


The Sun is just a big plasma ball of hydrogen , held together by the mutual gravity of all it's mass.This gigantic mass pulls every single particle / atom inwards , trying to compress the sun down ( or make it collapse ) .

Also on the sun , nuclear fusion began's to take place. This is where protons and atoms become one ( they merge together ) .

I really hope that this helps you out a lot , have a nice day.

What does it mean to alter a landscape?


To alter means to change, to make different or to modify. When something has gone through alterations it means that the item has been modified.

When it comes to landscape, to alter a landscape can include building houses on a field, or cutting down trees or building a motorway through it. A dramatic natural event, like a fire or earthquake or storm or volcanic eruption could also change a landscape. All of these things will make the landscape look different.

It's mean that our actions has change the surface of the earth, e.g. We remove forests, dig tunnels in mountains

What was one effect of the plate movement on the Pacific region?A) Australia and New Zealand became connected to North America
B) Plate movement isolated many species
C) Few volcanoes formed
D) The regional climate grew much colder.


Answer: C. Few volcanoes formed

One of the effect of the movement of the plates in the Pacific region is the formation of new volcanoes and the eruption of some existing ones already. This movement has also caused the separation of the continents today that are previously know as the Pangaea.

Which of these Canadian locations would have an arctic climate? A) Alberta

B) Ontario

C) Nova Scotia

D) Ellesmere Island


‚ÄčThe answer is: D. ellesmere Island

a location would be considered to has a arctic climate If the area continously undergone long cold winter followed by short cool summer, and the cycle would repeat.

Ellesmere Island has these criterias. But since the condition in this area is very harsh, there was very little people actually stay in this area.

I believet the answer would be D. Ellesmere Island