Why do the thieves want to kill the person who found their cave? What does this reveal about the thieves


Answer 1
Answer: They are revengefull.

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The climax of “The Oasis: Africa” comes when Sheikh spots something in the distance and thinking it may be the raiders, the men get out their weapons and prepare to fight. How does the author’s choice to use that information here impact the text
"...I sang of the justSon of Anchises who embarked from Troy (I, 73-74)In referring to The Aeneid, Virgil makes a(n) .
Which sentence does not contain any errors in comma usage?A. Suzie, my best friend, is also an amazing athlete. B. Have you told, Bradley my brother, from Seattle? C. Maine, the easternmost U.S. state has great seafood. D. Mr. Morrish my new scout master, is from Ireland. i don't think its D or B
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"A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself." agree or disagree and why



Explanation:when their owner dies most dogs get depressed and forget to eat drink. They know when their humans are sick or die.

Agree, because Dogs really do love humans and science has proven it . The study further found that the scent of their owners excited the dogs more than any other stimulus.

How do the authors present different perspectives of water?A) Chopin depicts the water as inviting, but Hawthorne depicts the water as annoying.
B) Chopin depicts the water as annoying, but Hawthorne depicts the water as inviting.
C) Chopin depicts the water as dangerous, but Hawthorne depicts the water as gushing with life.
D) Chopin depicts the water as gushing with life, but Hawthorne depicts the water as dangerous.




i just took it

I am writing a poem to send off to the 2015 K1 poetry contest. Please tell be what you think and any adjustments I need to make.Change

Bullying hurts, don't you see?
Your nothing but a big bully.
Harsh words, and tortured hearts,
Scars and wounds, Oh where do I start!

Don't you think of what could happen?
What if they cry themselves to sleep,
and by morning its too hard to get on their feet.
What if they put a razor to their skin?

Or write a note to say goodbye,
their family and friends left wondering why?
Their afraid to go to school,
because of bullies like you.

The words you say, do make bruises,
but they don't fade away.
Deep scars that stay on their hearts,
a new scar forming everyday.

So instead of hurting them,
please just make a change.
For you and me,
don't be sane.


It's great! I would change some of the more graphic parts just a little, but other than that it's great! I'm entering one, too.
its really quite well written; it was really emotional. Just some small changes: In the third line of the 3rd stanza, it should be "They're afraid to go to school" , not "their". 

also, i would recommend removing "but" in the 4th stanza. 

and the last line of the piece tells the people to be crazy, which im sure you didnt mean. I think it should be "be sane" or "don't be insane"

really nice writing though. 

Write a sentence useing mutltitask


When people multitask, they are prone to committing more mistakes.

Hope that helps :)
When a person multitasks they do two things or more at the same time.

She multitasked by juggling balls while solving a math problem.

I need help Y'all? ​


I am not sure if this will help, but here is the definition of Virtue:

Behavior showing high moral standards.

Synonyms: goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, ethicalness, uprightness, upstandingness, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honesty, honorableness, honorability, honor, incorruptibility, probity, propriety, decency, respectability, nobility, nobility of soul/spirit, nobleness, worthiness, worth, good, trustworthiness, meritoriousness, irreproachableness, blamelessness, purity, pureness, lack of corruption, merit;

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What is the conjunction or conjunctions in the sentence?Neither Sam nor I have heard anything more about the team line-up for the fall.

A. about
B. for the fall
C. have
D. neither/nor


What is the conjunction or conjunctions in the sentence?Neither Sam nor I have heard anything more about the team line-up for the fall.

A. about
B. for the fall
C. have
D. neither/nor

its d. neither/nor

Letter D is the correct answer