How can I find two numbers whose sum is 38 and whose difference is 14


Answer 1
Answer: assume 1st num is x
and 2nd num is y
you want x+y = 38
and x-y = 14
by solving those two equations we get x = 26 & y= 12
so , the numbers is 12 & 26

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I need to figure out the answer to this problem, and so far, after an hour, I can't. Can someone help me please? as soon as possible. THanks!P.S. I need the answer to letter b.

Jake drew an isolsceles triange.
10a. What are the measures of the two acute angles?
10b. How do you know?


Well, first I need to explain A for you to understand B. 
So, an isosceles triangle has two equal angles. Assuming that the third angle is obtuse, it has to be greater than 90 degrees. 
Now, do 180-91. that equals 89. 89 divided by two equals 44.5. This is an acute angle, and 44.5+44.5+89=180. 180 is the sum of the angles of a triangle

For B, it's honestly just a description of the way you did it. You can use what I did or if you did a different method. 
Sorry it's so late! I hope it's on time!

Which describes a type of tax that people pay on the money they earn?



The answer is income tax.

Step-by-step explanation:

When a person works and have to pay for it, it is called federal income tax or simply income tax.

The income tax is imposed on the people depending on their yearly earnings. There are many tax brackets and each individual falls under these brackets.

The rate of tax is imposed depending on these brackets.

The after tax income is called the net income.

income federal tax and state tax

A car salesperson earns 12.5% commission on every car sold. The salesperson sold a car for $17,500.What is the commission earned from the sale? Round your answer to the nearest cent.


If car salesperson earns 12.5% commission on every car sold. The salesperson sold a car for $17,500. Then 2187.5 is  commission earned from the sale

What is Percentage?

percentage, a relative value indicating hundredth parts of any quantity.


A car salesperson earns 12.5% commission on every car sold.

The salesperson sold a car for $17,500.

We need to find the commission earned from the sale.

12.5% is to be converted to decimal by dividing with 100.


Now multiply 0.125 with 17500 to find what is 12.5% of 17500


Two thousand one hundred eighty seven point five


Hence 2187.5 is the commission earned by the sale person for selling 17500 car.

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$2187.50 Commission for the sale

What is the value of the expression 8with a exponent of -2?


the answer is 1/64

Ty is painting a rectangle that is 10 inches long and 7 inches high. What attributes of a rectangle can you share with Ty to help him paint his rectangle?


The area of the rectangle Ty is painting is 70 inches squared

Final answer:

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four 90-degree angles. The opposite sides are equal, with two sides being the length (10 inches) and the other two being the width (7 inches).


Ty, when painting a rectangle, it's important to understand its attributes. A rectangle is a quadrilateral, meaning it has four sides. Two of these sides will be 10 inches long, and the other two will be 7 inches high - these are referred to as the 'length' and 'width'. Additionally, all interior angles of a rectangle are 90 degrees, which is a right angle. So when you are painting, make sure each corner forms a 90-degree angle. Also, the opposite sides of a rectangle are always equal. If any of these attributes are not followed, the figure will not be a rectangle.

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Write each sum as a product. Identify the factors in the product

a. 18 + 63

b. 84 + 35


a.\n18=9\cdot2;\ 63=9\cdot7\n\n18+63=9\cdot2+9\cdot7=\boxed{9\cdot(2+7)}\n-----------------------------\n\nb.\n84=7\cdot12;\ 35=7\cdot5\n\n84+35=7\cdot12+7\cdot5=\boxed{7\cdot(12+5)}