An office manager is concerned with declining productivity. Despite the fact that she regularly monitors her clerical staff four times each day—at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and again at 3:00 PM—office productivity has declined 30 percent since she assumed the helm one year ago. Would you recommend that the office manager invest more time monitoring the productivity of her clerical staff? Explain.


Answer 1


Explanation: Employers have generally always found methods to monitor their employees. As software and tech advancements continue at break-neck speeds, employee monitoring is changing.

Software and tech platforms are being used to gather information on employees. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies used in these platforms are able to measure and analyze workforce performance. The use of data related to employees is referred to as Human Resource Analytics (HRA), or people analytics. There are many reasons to monitor employee behavior at work. For smaller businesses, the main reason for employee monitoring is to make sure that there is no unethical or illegal activity in the workplace while ensuring that technology provided is being used for the purpose it was intended. Practicing ethical employee monitoring reduces many unethical and illegal behaviors that cause small businesses to lose money. Monitoring encourages employees that would otherwise act immorally to act in an expected manner.Sometimes, there is more than enough stress at work. Employees may have to meet tight deadlines, deal with coworkers, and change work habit or style due to leadership changes. The constant monitoring of employee activities creates even more stress. If surveillance is felt to be a form of spying by employees, they will develop a feeling of mistrust from their employer. This feeling of being constantly watched will more than likely create an uncomfortable work environment and likely to decline performance .

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On January 1, Year 1, Stratton Company borrowed $100,000 on a 10-year, 7% installment note payable. The terms of the note require Stratton to pay 10 equal payments of $14,238 each December 31 for 10 years. The required general journal entry to record the first payment on the note on December 31, Year 1 is:



Dr interest expense $7,000

Dr notes payable $7,238

Cr cash                                     $14,238    


The first task is to compute interest expense on the loan in year 1 which is shown below:

interest expense=$100,000*7%

interest expense=$7,000

Principal repayment=repayment-interest repayment

Principal repayment=$14,238-$7,000=$7,238

The double entries are to debit interest expense and notes payable with $7,000 and $7,238 respectively while cash is credited with $14,238 as an outflow of cash.

Alpha Division had the following information: Average operating asset base in Alpha Division $500,000 Operating income in Alpha Division $60,000 Cost of capital 14% Target return on investment (ROI) 16% Margin for Alpha Division 21% If the asset base is decreased by $120,000, with no other changes, what will Alpha Division's return on investment be? (Note: Round answer to two decimal places.) a. 18.50% b. 15.79% c. 10.50% d. 12.55%


Answer: Option B

Explanation: As we know that,

ROI=(Operating\ income)/(total\ assets)


Operating income = $60,000

total asset = current asset base - decrease in current asset base

total asset = $500,000 - $120,000

                  = $ 380,000

Now, putting the values into equation we get :-


               = 15.79%

On July 1, Alvarez, Inc. purchased merchandise for $10,800 with terms of 2/10, n/30. On July 5, the firm returned $1,500 of the merchandise to the seller. Payment of the account occurred on July 8. Alvarez uses the perpetual inventory system. Required a. Prepare the journal entries for July 1, July 5, and July 8.




The journal entries are shown below:

On July 1

Merchandise Inventory A/c $10,800

              To Accounts payable A/c $10,800

(Being goods purchased on credit)

On July 5

Accounts payable A/c Dr $1,500

    To Merchandise Inventory A/c $1,500

(Being goods returned)

On July 8

Accounts payable A/c Dr $9,300       ($10,800  - $1,500)

     To Cash A/c   $9,114                   

     To Merchandise Inventory A/c $186 ($10,800  - $1,500)× 2%

(Being due amount is paid and the remaining balance is credited to the cash account)

Pink Arrangements has just completed operations for the year ended December 31, 2018. This is the third year of operations for the company. The following data have been assembled for the business.Insurance Expense $2,500Service Revenue 84,000Utilities Expense 1,500Rent Expense 12,000Common Stock 5,500Cash 5,800Retained Earnings, January 1, 2018 4,700Salaries Expense 47,000Accounts Payable 600Office Supplies 1,900Dividends 4,500Accounts Receivable 7,000Equipment 12,600Required:Prepare the income statement of Pink Arrangements for the year ended December 31, 2018.





Preparation of income statement

Income statement of Pink Arrangements for the year ended December 31, 2018.


Service Revenue 84,000


Insurance Expense (2,500)

Utilities Expense (1,500)

Rent Expense (12,000)

Salaries Expense (47,000)


Therefore the Income statement of Pink Arrangements for the year ended December 31, 2018 will be shows the amount of $21,000

Final answer:

The income statement of Pink Arrangements for the fiscal year ending 2018 is prepared by subtracting the total operating expenses (Insurance Expense, Utilities Expense, Rent Expense, and Salaries Expense) from the Service Revenue. The result is an Operating Profit of $21,000.


To prepare the income statement of Pink Arrangements for the year ended December 31, 2018, you start by calculating the Gross Revenue. In this case, the Service Revenue of $84,000 is the Gross Revenue since the company is a service company.

From the Gross Revenue, we deduct the operating expenses - Insurance Expense, Utilities Expense, Rent Expense, and Salaries Expense. This gives us the Operating Profit or Loss. The calculations are as follows:


With this, you can conclude that the Operating Profit of Pink Arrangements for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2018 is $21,000.

Learn more about income statement here:


Jaxon Furnishings Company is considering logging opportunities in Alaska to obtain wood for their products. The market analysis team is busy comparing the benefits of increased wood production to the costs of deforestation and resulting environmental conditions. The company is using the _____ approach to make this ethical decision.



Jaxon Furnishings Company Vs Logging Opportunities in Alaska

Comparison of the benefits of increased wood production to the costs of deforestation:

The company is using the __environmental sustainability___ approach to make this ethical decision.


According to, environmental "sustainability is understood as a form of intergenerational ethics in which the environmental and economic actions taken by present persons do not diminish the opportunities of future persons to enjoy similar levels of wealth, utility, or welfare."

An approach to an ethical decision is sustainable when it considers the long-term benefits and costs associated with the decision, instead of concentrating on the short-term benefits as some business transactions are done.  Short-termism selfishly considers the immediate gains from a transaction.  It lacks a futuristic appetite for the good of future generations.

Apple's $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music in 2014 was an attractive strategy option for entering promising new industries in headphones and streaming music services because it



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