During the month of June, Ava kept track of the number of days she saw birds in her garden. She saw birds on 18 days of the month. What is the experimental probability that she will see birds in her garden on July 1st?


Answer 1
Answer: There are 30 days in the month of June. Out of the 30 days, Ava saw birds on 18.


We can simplify the fraction by dividing both sides by 2.



Theres a 9/15 or 60% chance that she will see a bird on July 1st.

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the answer for this question would be  28

Step-by-step explanation:

the remainder would be 28

A town in east Texas recieved 10 inches of rain in two weeks. If it kept raining at this rate for a 31-day month, how much rain did the town recieve?


The best way to approach this problem is to find out how much fell in week. As you know what two weeks is, you simply have to halve this, giving you that one week is 5 inches of rain. One you have this, you can multiply this by 4 (as this will give you 4 weeks, or 28 days), and this gives you 20 inches in 28 days. You should then find the odd three days. If you divide 5 by 7, this will give you the rain fall in one day. 5/7= 0.8 inches per day. You then have top multiply this by 3 (as you've got three odd days), and this gives you 2.4. You then have to add together 2.4 and 20, giving you 22.4
Therefore, if the rain continued to fall at the same rate for 31 days, it would receive 22.4 inches of rain.
Hope this helps :) 



Step-by-step explanation:

Store A charges $1,200 for repairs with a 6 percent sales tax. Store B charges $1,350 with a 7 percent sales tax. Explain how you would determine the amount of money saved by using Store A instead of Store B?


We know from the question that Store A charges $1200 for repairs and 6% as sales tax.
Amount of sales tax charged by Store A = (6/100) * 1200
                                                                 = 6 * 12
                                                                 = 72 dollars
Then the total amount charged by Store A = ( 1200 + 72) dollars
                                                                   = 1272 dollars
Now coming to Store B. It charges $1350 for repairs and 7% of sales tax.
Amount of sales tax charged by Store B = (7/100) * 1350
                                                                 = 945/10
                                                                 = 94.5 dollars
Then the total amount charged by Store B = ( 1350 + 94.5) dollars
                                                                     = 1444.5 dollars
Amount of money saved by choosing Store A instead of Store B = (1444.5 - 1272) dollars
                                                                                                       = 172.5 dollars
So $172.5 is saved by choosing Store A over Store B.

The total repair cost for each store is the cost of repairs added to the sales tax. The amount of money saved will be the difference between the two total costs.

Ezra is participating in a marathon walk for charity. He knows he can walk 3 miles in 45 minutes. At the rate, how long will it take Ezra to walk 26 miles


so 3 miles in 45 minutes
make ratio or fraction
3:45 or 3/45=1/15
so 26 miles
for every 1 mile, add 15 minutes
26 miles so
26 times 15=390 minutes or 6.5 hours or 6 hours and 30 minutes

Calculate the mean 12,2,8,6,57


Answer is 17.


Mean = sum of the value / number of values

To find out the sum of the values you have to add together all given numbers.


     sum of the values = 12 + 2 + 8 + 6 + 57

                                    = 85

Number of values means number of data that we have.

According to the given data, there are 5 numbers.


    mean = 85 / 5

              = 17

When finding the mean you should first add up all the numbers which are 12,2,8,6 and 57 which will give you a sum of 85 next you should divide your sum by how many numbers there are which is 5 and your answer should be 17

What is the approximate circumference of a circle with a radius of 30 inches? Use π ≈ 3.14.A.
188.4 inches

47.1 inches

94.2 inches

62.8 inches


The answer would be c. If you Take Pi=3.14 and multiply it by the radius=30 then u get 94.2