How many planets are closer to the sun than jupiter


Answer 1
Answer: 4 plantets are closer to the sun then jupiter
Answer 2
Answer: 4 planets...remember this im telling you will never forget it.. 
(pluto not a planet anymore) 

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Basically like a small change to a certain document or paper.

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The lords lived in convenience and with luxurious lands which they own. They were not under labor and instead had workers working for their lands. The workers, on the other hand, do not own their own lands and thus rely on the work that is given by the lords. Generally, the lords lived convenient lives while the workers had to suffer. 

Jelaskan isi sidang bpupki yg pertama


What language are u speaking??? 


I do not understand.


Can you ask the question in English?

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C.ecotourism manufacturing


The answer would be C. Ecotourism
I am not a whole 100% sure on that though

Referring to the map above of China with its modern day borders, which of these statements is true regarding the importance of the Silk Roads to the Chinese?a)A strong and expansive empire was necessary to keep trade routes open.
b)To continue trading with Europe, the Chinese preferred to rely on foreign kingdoms.
c)The trade routes provided quick and easy access to China from Europe.
d)The Silk Roads were one of many alternate routes the Chinese could have used.


Referring to the map above of China with its modern day borders, ''a strong and expansive empire was necessary to keep trade routes open'', is the correct statement regarding the importance of the Silk Road to the Chinese Empire. Therefore, the option A holds true.

What is the significance of the Silk Road?

Silk Road can be referred to or considered as one of the most important trade routes of the ancient periods. It was used extensively until the modern trade practices started to develop throughout the world. It connected China and other parts of southeastern Asia with the world.

The Chinese empires were well aware of the fact that the revenue and trade through the Silk Road would require a high amount of efficiency in operations, and as a result, the emergence of a strong and expansive empire became necessary to keep the trade routes open.

Therefore, the option A holds true and states regarding the significance of the Silk Road.

Learn more about the Silk Road here:


The missing map from the question has been attached as an image for better reference.

I don't have access to the map that you are talking about, but i think the answer would be A, based on context clues and what I know about the Silk Road.