for sale, a store decrease it's price on all items by 25%. An item that cost $ 120 before the sale now costs $120 - 0.25 ( $ 120 )


Answer 1
Answer: It would then cost $90 because 25% of $120 is $30

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Alberto puts 3 kinds of fish in his fish tank: zebra danios, fancy guppies, and cat fish. Half of Alberto's fish are zebra danios. He has 2 times as many catfish as he has fancy guppies.
Given a=5, d=3,an =50 .find the n and 5n​
First person to answer this question get 11 points! What are all the possible ways to classify the following shape ?A. polygon, quadrilateral, parallelogram, B. quadrilateral, parallelogram, rectangle C.polygon, quadrilateral, parallellogram
renea is a sales associate at a store she earns $80 a week plus a 15% Commission on your sales last week she sold 200 worth of items what is the total amount renea earned for the week how much did she earn for the commision
The owner of a video game store creates the expression −2x2 + 24x + 174 to represent the store's weekly profit in dollars, where x represents the price of a new video game. Choose the equivalent expression that reveals the video game price that produces the highest weekly profit, and use it to determine the price.−2(x2 − 12x) + 174; x = $12−2(x2 − 12x − 87); x = $87−2(x − 6)2 + 246; x = $246−2(x − 6)2 + 246; x = $6

What is the nth term to: 0,6,14,24,36,50


0, 6, 14, 24, 36, 50, 66, 84,104 

you add 9 times for each one

This is the sequence; +6,+8,+10,+12,+14

Now to find the next terms you must add 2 only to the sequence;

+6, +8, +10, +12, +14, +16,

Then add the +16 to the term and you get: (50 + 16) =66

so 66 is the 7th term and to get the 9nth you must do same steps;


66+18 = 84 (8th term)

84 +20= 104 (9nth term)

So your final terms are;

0, 6, 14, 24, 36, 50, 66, 84,104

You receive 9 text messages in 12 minutes. What is the rate of text messages per hour?




Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

To find the rate  of text messages per hour, first divide the total messages by the total time in minutes



Convert to messages per hour

Remember that 1\ hour=60\ minutes

Multiply by 60


9 text messages in 12 min ⇒ how many text messages in 60 min 
9×60÷12 = 45 text messages :))

Find the GCF of 38m and 57n.


It's only 19 because the terms don't both have m and n in them
I think that the answer would be C 19

Line l has a slope of...


Hey there! :)


Option C.

Step-by-step explanation:

A perpendicular line to 2/3 will be the reciprocal and negative of this fraction. Therefore:

Slope of perpendicular line = -3/2.

Remember, the equation for solving for the slope is:

m = \frac{\text{rise}}{\text{run}} = (y_2 - y_1)/(x_2 - x_1)

We must find points that when plugged into this equation, equal to -3/2.

Plugging in the points in option A:

(2)/(3) \neq (-3)/(2)

Option B:

(3)/(4) \neq (-3)/(2)

Option C: This is the correct answer.

(-3)/(2) =  (-3)/(2)

Option D:

(2)/(10)\neq (-3)/(2)

Hi the answer is c. Hope this helped:)

PLEASE HELP I DON'T GET THIS AT ALLWhich relations are functions?

Choose all answers that are correct.


The only ones that are functions are the ones where the y-coordinate does not repeat. B and D


(If anyone thinks I suck at math... Well I kinda agree)


Hi there! All you have to do is divide 24 and 40 by a GCF which means Greatest Common Factor. A Greatest Common Factor for 24 and 40 is 8. So, 24/8=3 and 40/8=5, Therefore, 24/40x simplified is 3/5x. Hoped I helped. :)