Social Studies Grade 6. Can anyone please help me answer this question? I want the correct answer! As soon as possible!A tribal majority is found in which country? The choices are below:



Answer 1
Answer: In my opinion i think it's myanmar because my parent was once lived there but there stil so many people there.
I heard it's myanmar but i'm not too sure. It's between myanmar and indonesia.
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Which of the following is an effect of the revival of Confucianism during the Song Dynasty?A.
the decline of trade with neighboring territories
OB. the development of a powerful standing navy
the belief that leaders should rule by divine right
D. the importance of the civil service examination system


The decline of trade with neighboring territories is an effect of the revival of Confucianism during the Song Dynasty. Thus, option A is correct.

What is a dynasty?

A family of lines of kings, a sequence of national leaders who are descended from a single family or share an ancestor. a line of ancestors who have ruled repeatedly.

The Song period's renewed Confucianism placed a strong emphasis on personality as a means of achieving both personal fulfillment and the creation of a just and peaceful state and civil society.

The heart-mind's existence, traits, and role were of important philosophical concern to Confucians throughout the Song-Ming era because they could be used to pinpoint and define the traits of social and scientific values.

Therefore, option A is the correct option.

Learn more about dynasties, Here:


It’s would be a if your woundering why let me know

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Alexander the great conquered the land.

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There was a lot of trade at the time and since the empires were so apart from each other, they got a taste of each other's export and culture. Hope this helps. 

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Since North Korea has mines all over the place they have magnesite, zinc, and tungsten along with a bunch of iron and different ores that are included. They are actually a very rich country based on the minerals they have.
North Korea is a mine-filled place so...
zinc and tungsten I should say and there are more you could find.

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They were turned away.

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can someone help me i searched it and found 0 results

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Some misconception about the representation of Buddha,  which is not true, is that he is Buddha is always shown in a cross-legged position (the so-called Lotus position).

He is often, but not always shown like this and for example Wat Pho is a famous statue of him lying down