Why was the cia formed and why were some Americans suspicious of the organization?


Answer 1
Answer: There were problems of distrust and competition between the new civilian agencies and Federal Bureau of Investigation. This led for Congress in the year 1947 to pass the National Security Act which created the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA. There were conspiracy theories and issues with CIA being involved.

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How have changes in the media and modern technology most changed how candidates campaign?



Technology has revolutionized the world. It apparently developed further thoughts than we can even understand, and the truth that it is all nearby us is beginning to be practiced for awarded.

We will discuss four ways of media and technology, how they have changed the candidates campaigns.


Social Influence:

Now, social media provides competitors an immediate route of connection to the US people. But there is one negative thing, it changes the views of people overnight.

Virility threat:

Candidates now always remain in assumption, that anyone may have a video camera, or smartphone to take picture or recording device to record the views and words. Once recorded is always there on different channels and social media. Candidates remain in observation and it brought them close to people. So this thing has improved the transparency in elections.

Smart campaigns:

Previously, candidates were not accurately updated with the campaigns but media has given them a chance, they can monitor their campaigns, role of people and campaign influence on people with the help of streaming media and social media. They have the opportunity to compose themselves and improve the campaign by self-monitoring.

New issues:

Media and technology itself bring new issues to the debate floor to discuss. A candidate who is active on media and social media will be able to counter the issues otherwise who is not on media will be forgotten by people.

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The Great Lakes are Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario. I live right by Lake Erie.
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