One aluminum can weighs about 1/25 lb. if your school starts a recycling drive, how many cans will your school me to collect to recycle one ton?


Answer 1
Answer: 1 ton=2000lb
total weight=2000
we want total weight=weight of cans
weight of cans=weight of 1 can times number of cans
W of cans=1/25c

total weight=weight of cans
times 25/1 both sides

50,000 cans
Answer 2
Answer: 50,000 cans
because if 1 can = 1/25 lb
the 25 cans = 1lb
and 1 ton =2,000lbs
so 25x2,000=50,000

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I chose A
I want to know if I did this correct


2y/(y²-8y+5)  -  1/(y-5)=
2y/(y-5)(y-3)  -    1/(y-5)=
Least common multiple=(y-5)(y-3)
2y-1(y-3)  /  (y-5)(y-3)=
2y-y+3  /  (y-5)(y-3)=
y+3 / (y-5)/y-3)

Answer :  (y+3)  /  (y-5)(y-3).

you did right, congratulations!!.

If f(x) = 3x^2 - 2x + 5, find f(-2) A. f(–3) = 3
B.f(–3) = 6
C.f(–3) = 9
D.f(–3) = 12



Step-by-step explanation:

hello :

If f(x) = 3x² - 2x + 5,

f(-2)=3(-2)² - 2(-2) + 5=12+4+5=21

How to do this !!???


Hopefully this helps, the app I used is called Photomath

What are the square roots of 144 over 256 ?A.
minus 12 over 16 and 12 over 16

minus 12 over 18 and 12 over 18

minus 9 over 16 and 9 over 16

minus 72 over 128 and 72 over 128


You can get the solution by just testing.
Let's start with A:

Now you know that A is the correct answer.

Help please because I need help and its confusing


First sort the number form least to greatest


To find the mean, we divide to sum of all numbers in the data set by the number of numbers given,'8'.



To find the inter quartile range, we must solve for the lower and upper quartile mean.

Lower Quartile=(24+26+27+28)/4=26.25
Upper Quartile=(30+30+33+36)/4=32.25


Interquartile range=6

The median is the middle number in the data set, or the sum of the two middle numbers if there isn't a sole middle number




1st quartile we already solved for...
Lower/1st Quartile=(24+26+27+28)/4=26.25

3rd quartile we already solved for....
Upper/3rd Quartile=(30+30+33+36)/4=32.25

The mean would be most effected by an outlier of 52, the median would only go from 29 to 30.