The ____________ systems are most responsible for providing cells with oxygen and removing the carbon dioxide.


Answer 1
Answer: The respitory system
Answer 2

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Your answer would be the Circulatroy System and the Respriatory Systyem.

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The eight bones that make up the cranium.



frontal bone

occipital bone

parietal bone (there are two of these)

temporal bone (there are two of these)

ethmoid bone

sphenoid bone


frontal bone-The frontal bone is located in the forehead region. It is one of eight bones that form the cranium.

occipital bone-The occipital bone is located at the back of the skull and forms the base of the cranium. It is trapezoidal and curved in shape.

parietal bone (there are two of these)-One parietal bone is located on each side of the skull behind the frontal bone. The parietal bones basically form the roof and sides of the cranium.

temporal bone (there are two of these)-This bone is joined to the parietal bone on each side of the skull; it forms part of the base and sides of the cranium.

ethmoid bone-This bone is located in front of the sphenoid bone, at the top of the nose and in between the eye sockets. It consists of two masses linked by cribriform plates. The ethmoid bone also makes up portions of the nasal cavity walls, eye sockets, and cranial floor.

sphenoid bone-This bone helps to form the base of the cranium, sides of the skull, plus the sides and floors of the eye sockets. It consists of a middle section (which is the body of the bone), pterygoid processes, and wing-like sections that extend to each side of the skull. Each wing-like section on each side of the skull consists of two greater wings and two lesser wings. The sphenoid bone looks bat or butterfly-shaped.

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Describe King Hrothgar. Does he fit the expectation of an
Anglo-Saxon king?



Not really, because he fails to defend his kingdom from attacks.


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  • Hrothgar was not able to defend his kingdom.
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Explain how the Fed's refusal to lower interest rates may affect the President's


The refusal of Fed would lead to increase in job creation and growth leading to increase in popularity of the president.


The federal reserve refused to increase the rate of interest which led to the increase in the creation of the jobs and more employment opportunities for the people of the economy.

This would lead to the increase in the growth and the development of the country and the economy. Thus there would be increase in the popularity of the President because during that tenure the economy is seeing growth and development.

When playing the card game Blackjack, multiple decks are used and reshuffled often so that the outcomes of the cards dealt are approximately independent. When a player receives two cards that are a combination of an ace and a face card, this is called a “natural blackjack” and automatically wins. A natural blackjack should occur in 4.5% of the rounds played. What is the probability that a player plays 20 rounds of Blackjack and gets two or more natural blackjacks?


The probability that a player plays 20 rounds of Blackjack and gets two or more natural blackjacks is 0.227.

Given the following data:

How to calculate the probability.

In this scenario, we can deduce that the number of natural Blackjacks (B) is in tandem with a binomial distribution with the following parameters:

  • Sample mean, n = 20.
  • Percentage, P = 4.5% = 0.045.

Mathematically, the probability that a player plays 20 rounds of Blackjack and gets two or more natural blackjacks is given by:

P(B ≥ 2) = 1 - P(B ≤ 1)

P(B ≥ 2) = 1- 0.773

P(B ≥ 2) = 0.227.

Read more on probability here:


The correct answer is (C) or .227. The number of natural blackjacks (X) follows a binomial distribution with n=20, p=0.045.



A check list should be based on_______ that apply to your industry.


basic steps or additional requirements.