SIIS SULT1. You have just read a poignant blog post. Will you still be thinking about it

tomorrow, or will you forget it immediately? Explain.


Answer 1

Answer: I will be thinking about it


It depends on a person but if the post is so poignant and touching it surely will affect me and I will be thinking about that tomorrow.

There are many poignant blog posts on the internet now and many of them are not true. If I see that the post isn't true I will not think about that later because I won't feel sad because that type of story is not impressive to me. If the story is getting true feelings out of it I will surely think about it more.

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Help Fast Please!Harrison is including the following paragraph in his article on the artistic abilities of animals: Not only is there evidence that animals can express themselves through visual art, but there is also evidence suggesting that they can express themselves musically. Scientists have, for example, detected that whale songs contain rhythms and structures similar to those found in human music. Bird songs, too, have been found to contain patterns, pitches, and even percussion sounds similar to human songs. Which of the following section headings should Harrison use above this paragraph to aid readers’ comprehension? A. Animal Musicians B. Whales and Birds C. Animals and Visual Art D. The Artistic Abilities of Animals
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We use granite for counter-tops
Some are in certain crystals

We use granite for countertops and some kind of tiles for flooring.

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Laurie, who never wanted to go to school in the first place, ends up wanting to spend all his time there.

Laurie, who is older than all the other children in his class, is the most immature.

Laurie's mother, who considers herself an excellent parent, has raised a troublemaking child.

Laurie's teacher, who prides herself on being calms, loses her temper.


The answer is C. Laurie's mother, who considers herself an excellent parent, has raised a troublemaking child.

HELP PLEASE AND FASTWhy did J.R.R. Tolkien write The Hobbit and other stories of Middle-earth?

He wanted to create a compelling work of nonfiction.

He wanted to contribute to the oral tradition of the British Isles.

He wanted to record the stories that had been told to him as a child.

He wanted to create an exciting fantasy for modern readers.


I would say it is B for the story is not nonfiction.

The most likely reason that Capulet moves the wedding day ahead one day is because he believes that...a. juliet is plotting something
b. juliet may change her mind again
c. juliet has had a sincere change of heart
d. paris may change his mind if given time

I am almost positive it is b or c


The answer is would be B

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Hibernation is the animal's way of adaptation in order to beable conserve energy by staying inactive and lowering its physical activity inpreparation for future purposes say for example a bad weather.  Other animals also hibernate in preparationfor a long drought or scarcity of food. They tend to consume a lot of foodbefore the scarce and will use the accumulated energy during the drought whenthere will be no more food to eat. It is a way of recharging themselves.

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It rained all weekend, and we came home early from the trip.

It rained all weekend and, we came home early from the trip.

It rained all weekend and we came home early from the trip.

It rained all weekend, and, we came home early from the trip.

A or C ?!


I think i'll go with C.