an electrician can wire on average 4.5 houses in a week. how many months will it take her to wire houses if she wires the same number each week and figures on 4.5 weeks per month


Answer 1
Answer: I believe it would be 12 months. How i got this answer was by dividing 55 by 4.5.

Even though it is a very vague explanation as to how i got the answer, I hope this helps you.

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What is the take from ten strategy


It is like when you have the problem 15*6, you don't know how to do that mentally, unless you use the take ten strategy which would turn it into (10*6) + (5*6) so, it simplifies to (60) + (30) which is 90

in 1960 there were approximately 3,000 million people on earth, in 1999 there were 6,000 people on earth what was the approximate rate of increase, in millions of people each year.



In 39 years time, the population doubled.

The number of employees for a certain company has been decreasing each year by 6​%. If the company currently has 720 employees and this rate​ continues, find the number of employees in 10 years.



There will be 387

Step-by-step explanation:

This question is an example of compound decrease.

To work this out you would first have to convert the percentage of 6 into a decimal. You can do this by dividing the percentage of 6 by 100, this gives you 0.06. This is because percentages are out of 100.

The next step is to minus 0.06 from 1, this gives you 0.94. This is because we are working out the percentage decrease.

Finally to work this out you would multiply the amount of 720 by 0.94 to the power of 10, this gives you 387.80. However there can not be a decimal of a person and so it becomes 387. This is because it is working out 6% and subtracting it and then working out 6% of that new amount. This repeats 10 times.

1) Divide 6 by 100.


2) Minus 0.06 from 1.


3) Multiply 720 by 0.94 to the power of 10.


4) Round down


So the employees are decreasing by 6% every year.

We would represent this as: 0.06

We would represent 720 as: 720(1- .05)^0=720

So the equation would be: 720(1-0.06)^10=X
So, after 10 years the company would have 388 employees left.

Michael just drank a cup of coffee to help him stay awake. The coffee had 110 milligrams of caffeine in it. If his body processes 5% of the caffeine every hour, how much will be left in 8 hours? A.74 B.72 C.56 D.73



Step-by-step explanation:

Answer C.56!

%5 of 110 is 5.5, 5.5 • 8= 54, 110-54= 56!

Distributive property/collecting like terms. 4n -2 - 2n


Distributive property: a(b + c) = ab + ac

4n - 2 - 2n = 2(2n - 1 - n)

4n - 2 - 2n = 2n - 2 = 2(n - 1)

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She got 90% correct. How? Do 18 divided by 20. You get 0.9 which is equal to 90%
She got 90% because you multiply 18 and 20 by 5 and it equals to 90/100. So, 90% is an A.