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Simplify both sides of the inequality


Now add 8 to both sides so we can eliminate the -8



Divide both sides by 4 so we can find the value for n



Now how to graph this solution

1) Draw a straight line

so we have x in the positive side and -x the negative side

Our answer is n<1

You will start your line from right to left

so you will start from point 1 to -8

You got it ? if not please let me.

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INCLUDE the two marbles outside the jar in your total number of marbles.
Can somebody please help me
Estimate, then find the difference and write in simplest form 4 1/2-3 4/5
The sales tax rate is 8%. If Jim bought a new Buick and paid a sales tax of $1,930, what was the cost of the Buick before the tax?
A 10-pound box of apples costs $12.50.Write the ratio of cost to number of pounds as a fraction

A shirt is $25.99 if the sales tax is 8.5% what will be the total cost of the shirt? Please help:)



1.085 times 25.99=28.19915
total cost is
SO all you would do is 25.99+8.5%=28.20
how this helped!

If i have 8 foot piece of wood to trim bookshelf, I need 100 inches lumber for trim, do i have enough lumber?


so first convert feet to inches
12 inches in 1 foot
8 feet
12 times 8=96
96 is less than 100
you don't have enough
There are 12 inches in a foot.  If you have an 8 foot piece of wood you have to multiple that by 12 inches.  8 x 12 is 96 inches.  If you need 100 inches you are short by 4 inches. 

along with the flowers , samantha bought 4 packages of glass beads and 2 vases . the vases cost $3.59 each and the total sales tax was $1.34. the total amount she paid was $28.50, including the tax.explain a stragety she could use to find the cost of 1 package of glass beads.


Samanthabough 4 packages of glass beads and 2 vases along with the flowers.
=> Vases costs = 3.59 dollars each
=> each total of sales tax = 1.34 dollars each
The total amount she paidis 28.50 dollars including the tax.
Simply add the price of vase and sales tax each then add.
=> 3.59 + 1.34 = 4.93
=> 4.93 * 2 = 9.86 (times 2 because there are 2 vases)
Now, subtract this with the total amount she paid.
=> 28.50 – 9.86 = 18.64
Since there are 4 glass beads, divide this by 4
=> 18.64 / 4 = 4.66 , the price of glass beads with tax.

There are 25students in class.2/5of them walk to school.


There are ten students walking to class
Hi there, 25/5=5 and 5+5=10. Therefore, 10 students walked to school.

3/5 divided by 60 is what


0.01 it's easy so u do 3/5 which is 0.6/60 which is 0.01 i hope this helps=)
3/5 ÷ 60
is the same as
3/5 x 1/60
now multiply across and get 3/300
simplify and get 1/100

What is the answer to 8 sisters share 3 egg rolls equally


just to clarify, the way he explained is backwards.
8 sisters
3 eggs

8 sisters split 3 eggs, not 3 eggs split 8 sisters.

therefore, Aliens
therefore, 3 eggs divided by 8sisters

3/8 = amount of egg per sister
8/3 = number of sisters per egg.