A veterinary office is treating dogs and cats. There are 15 more cats than dogs. Altogether, there are 45 animals.Let c represent the number of cats and d represent the number of dogs. The following system of equations represents the situation:



How many cats and dogs are in the clinic?

ignore last question, it was worded wrong. please help!


Answer 1
Answer: 30 cats and 15 dogs.
Answer 2
Answer: There's 30 cats and 15 dogs

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Alguém sabe como faz essas duas questões ?


Minha resposta: não.

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A door is 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall, but witch door? Please be more specific. Thank you! {This is the average height of the genuine door}

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So you divide 48 by a 100 and you get 0.48

Answer: 38.4

Step-by-step explanation: 48 is 38.4 percent of the 80. You can find this out by calculating for percentage

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Your answer would be 0.35 :)

How to solve number 8 and 9 ?


8. Decreases by 3 9. Decrease by 3

At a music store, the price of a set of speakers is $245, plus the sales tax of 6.5%. What is the total cost of the speakers, including the sales tax?


In order to find out what the additional value of the sales tax would be,which is 6.5%, you have to find 1% of $245. Which is $2.45. As you're looking for 6.5%, you have to multiply $2.45 by 6.5, which gives you $15.93 (rounded). In order to find the cost including the sales tax, you have to add $15.93 to the original price of $245, which gives you $260.93.Therefore, the price of the speakers, including a sales tax of 6.5% is $260.93Hope this helps :)

The total cost = cost + sales tax

cost + sales tax = x or total cost

1. cost = $245

2. sales tax = 0.065(cost)

245 + 0.065(cost) = x

245 + 15.925 = x

Round to the nearest hundredth
245 + 15.93 = x

Collect Like Terms

260.93 = x

The total cost of the speakers, including tax, is $260.93.