What is the function of the cardiovascular system


Answer 1
Answer: To transport blood and oxygen and other nutrients around your body.
Answer 2
Answer: tr portar la sangre a todo el cuerpo

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Following the evaporation stage of the water cycle, the evaporated water
I WILL GIVE BRANILST!Which example shows a person saying i message? A-“You speak so slow”B- “chew your food well” C- “I like when you tell the truth” D- “I can hear you better if you face me while talking”
What is a defense mechanism?
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Ashely has curly brown hair and blue eyes . Ashely's father has straight brown hair and brown eyes . Ashely's mother has curly blonde hair and blue eyes . Which two traits did Ashely most likely inherit from her mother A. Brown hair and blue eyes

B. Brown hair and brown eyes

C. Curly hair and blue eyes


c. Curly hair and blue eyes
Your answer is C. Curly hair and blue eyes

Which of these are the correct base pairs in DNA ?A)thymine and guanine

B)cytosine and guanine

C)cytosine and adenine

D)adenine and uracil

(Please help)


I believe it’s B) the others are not linked together in base pairs

How old is when short haired dotsons die


The average age of a dachshund is 12-15 years.


Although the average age of Dachshunds is between 12 and 15 years old, they have the potential to live much longer.

Is a 14 year old girl who is 47kg and 165cm (5'5) underweight? What are some ways to put on weight, by that I don't mean eating excess McDonalds, thus resulting in obesity. But I mean are there certain foods that are healthy yet make you put on a considerable amount of weight?


Most people think that protein is great and you should get as much of it as you can, but your body can only take in so much protein. After that limit, the protein no longer becomes protein in your body, instead it becomes fat.

The banyan tree is a multicellular organism with differentiated cells. Describe how this organism's parts have helped it to survive.


vascular tissue is responsible for moving water and tissue in plants.Vascular tissue consists of the Xylem and the Phloem.
the xylem is to transport water
and the phloem is to transport tissue

Is it healthy for a person to get headaches when they are really nervous?.. Is it okay if we get nervous? Can somebody try to calm me down,, i have a sick feeling and i do not know what to do


Aww I'm sorry yes it's normal and ok and you will be fine just think about good things you'll be fine
headaches are normal everyone gets them when i feel i get a headache to but sometimes it's because your nervous but then you clam down and it goes away