7/10 + 3/10 fined each sum and simplify


Answer 1
Answer: 7/10 + 3/10 would equal 10/10 or 1
Answer 2
Answer: well add 7 by 3 which is 10 then add 10 by 10 which is 20 so 10 over 20 then divide 10 into 20 which 2 so it is 1/2

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Simplify (-10)(-6)(9)Question 4 options:








Step-by-step explanation:

-10 * -6 = 60

60 * 9 = 540

When you multiply two negatives, the negative sign cancels out, and the number becomes positive.




What is the exact area of a circle whose diameter is 24 cm?A.
576 pi cm2

144 pi cm2

48 pi cm2

24 pi cm2


The answer is C thx you
The area of a circle is A = pi times r squared, where r is the radius and A is the area, and the diameter is given as 24. The radius is equal to one half of the diameter, therefore the radius is 12. Now substitute the equation for area of a circle with these values: A = pi times 12 squared A = pi times 144

Is the following an example of inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning?The local meteorologist predicts heavy rain in the afternoon. Instead of planning to walk to your friend’s house after band practice, you arrange for your mother to give you a ride there and to pick you up.

A. Inductive reasoning
B. Deductive reasoning


B. Deductive reasoning because deductive reasoning is to reach a conclusion logically which is shown in the above example, but inductive reasoning is a broad generalisation from specific observations. For example, an inductive reasoning would be saying 'grand-father is bald, therefore, all grandfathers are bald.' This of course isn't true!
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B. Deductive reasoning

Step-by-step explanation:

A 120-watt light bulb uses about 0.1 kilowatt of electricity per hour. If electricity costs $0.20 per kilowatt hour, how much does it cost to have the bulb on for an hour?


There is no such thing as a "kilowatt per hour". If that's actually what the question says, then it's a defective question, and you should put it away before it makes you any more confused. A 120 watt light bulb uses exactly 0.12 kilowatt when it's turned on. In one hour, it uses (0.12 kilowatt) x (1 hour) = 0.12 kilowatt-hour of energy. If energy costs $0.20 per kilowatt-hour, then the cost is (0.12) x (0.20) = 2.4 cents. (0.024 dollar)

A kite has a string that is 300 ft long, The flying kite forms a 62°angle with ahorizontal line running parallel to the ground the bottom end of the string
is 6 ft off the ground. How high is the kite? Round your answer to the nearest


The height of the kite from the ground is 270 feet.

What are trigonometric identities?

There are three commonly used trigonometric identities.

Sin x = 1/ cosec x

Cos x = 1/ sec x

Tan x = 1/ cot x or sin x / cos x

Cot x = cos x / sin x

We have,


                              /      |

        300 ft      /            |

                   /                 |

             /                       |

       /                             |



  |   6 feet



Sin 62° = BC/AB

0.88 = BC/300

BC = 0.88 x 300

BC = 264 ft


The height of the kite from the ground.

= BC + CD

= 264 + 6

= 270 ft


The height of the kite from the ground is 270 feet.

Learn more about trigonometricidentities here:




270.9 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

6 + 300sin(62)

= 270.8842779 ft

Enzo is making a scale drawing of the rectangle below. A rectangle has a length of 8 centimeters and width of 5 centimeters. Enzo says that he can draw an enlarged rectangle that is 16 centimeters by 13 centimeters. Which explains whether Enzo is correct? Enzo is correct because he used a factor of 2 to enlarge the rectangle. Enzo is correct because he doubled one dimension and added the two lengths to get the other dimension. Enzo is not correct because the enlarged rectangle should be 16 centimeters by 5 centimeters. Enzo is not correct because he did not multiply the length and width by the same factor.



the answer is d

Step-by-step explanation:

like this if you like anime


Enzo is not correct bc he did not multiply the length and width by the same factor

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