Why did president Jefferson send government officials James Monroe and Robert Livingston overseas in 1803


Answer 1


Louisiana Purchase


To settle on price range which ended up being 12 million and was sold to the United States.

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Which industry revolutionized the Texas economy starting in the early 1900's? A) oil B) wheat C) cotton D) cattle ranching
Why was it critical for the florentine florin to be accepted and trusted as a major international currency
What increased communication throughout the United States by inventing the telegraph?A. Elijia McoyB. Samuel MorseC. Isacc SingerD. Eli Whitney
How did Justinians code have an impact beyond the Byzantine Empire
Which describes tentant farmers?

Compare maps of the world in ancient times with current political maps.Use the map below to answer the following question



i’m confused could you explain more?

What part of Harry Truman's Fair Deal social program passed in Congress?O
A. Federal aid to education
B. Increased minimum wage
C. Civil rights legislation
D. National health insurance


A. Federal aid to education

Who was responsible for developing the five-step scientific theory during theScientific Revolution?
Isaac Newton
Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes
Robert Boyle
Johannes Kepler



Francis bacon and Rene descartes

Which role does a governor perform when giving an annual "state of the state" message?Question options:

chief executive

commander in chief

legislative leader

party leader
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Question 3 0 / 3 points

Which location within a typical state would most likely have a district court?
Question options:

the state capitol

a big city

a rural area

an entire county
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Question 4 1.5 / 3 points

Which courts are part of the state judicial system?

Choose exactly two answers that are correct.

Question options:

district courts of appeal

circuit courts

incorporated courts

township courts
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Question 5 0 / 3 points

Which form of city government allows the city council to appoint the heads of city departments?
Question options:

weak-mayor system


strong-mayor system

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Question 6 0 / 3 points

Which statement about the council-manager form of city government is false?
Question options:

The city council hires an outside expert.

The people elect a city manager.

The manager reports to the city council.

The heads of city departments carry out city policy.
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Question 7 0 / 3 points

Which case caused the United States Supreme Court to rule that having separate facilities for blacks and whites was constitutional?
Question options:

Brown v. Board of Education

Tinker v. Des Moines School District

Plessy v. Ferguson

Dred Scott v. Sandford
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Question 8 0 / 3 points

Which government function would not be provided by a county government?

Question options:

providing sheriff's office services

repairing a sewer system

issuing a marriage license

delivering mail
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Question 9 0 / 3 points

Which position has the function within a county government to collect money and pay bills?
Question options:

county clerk

county tax assessor

county treasurer

county prosecutor
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Question 10 1.5 / 3 points

What document is needed in order for a city to become incorporated?

Question options:

a city constitution

to select an outside expert as town manager

a city charter from the state legislature

to determine how the town will be run for the next year


It is legislature i took the test


The answer is legislative leader


Pls tell me if im wrong

And everybody i have a great day

The Food and Drug Administration is an agency of the Department of Commerce.


Answer: True


Democracy, what’s you’re opinion on it & how is it built?


Democracy and citizenship are achieved through struggles through revolts or movements capable of reversing a certain social situation.

Democracy is above all the political regime that allows social actors to form and act freely. It is its constitutive principles that govern the existence of the social actors themselves. There are only social actors if combining the internalized awareness of personal and collective rights, the recognition of the plurality of interests and ideas, particularly the conflicts between dominant and dominated, and finally, the responsibility of each one regarding common cultural orientations.