Why did most of the early explorers and mountain men choose to go to the West


Answer 1
Answer: Because of the forty-niner goldrush.
Answer 2
Answer: The goldfish had happened

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One paragraph about Lincoln/Douglas Debates contributed to cause the Civil War?
Why is Rosa Parks considered a hero?
The internal combustion engine was an innovation of A. Guglielmo Marconi B. Thomas Edison C. Alexander Graham Bell D. Etienne Lenoir E. Gustav Eiffel
Which statement about the city-states of Sparta and Athens is true? A. In Athens, only men were citizens; in Sparta, both men and women could have citizenship. B. In Sparta, only men were citizens; in Athens, both men and women could have citizenship. C. Both Athens and Sparta granted citizenship to women. D. Both Sparta and Athens restricted citizenship to men.
Which statement describes a key aspect of mercantilism

Which of the following is not a possible reason for migration? a. climate changes b. diminished food supply c. reproduction patterns d. increased biodiversity


D - increased biodiversity

d is the correct answer

Write a paragraph that expresses your opinion about the Patriot Act. Do you think it was right to give the government more power to prevent terrorist attacks? Be sure to explain your reasoning.


The Patriot Act was not needed by the government and was overblown and misused more often than not.


The Patriot Act out of many unconstitutional things it does, violates the fourth amendment which protects the people against unwarranted searching without any proper reason.

The law that was passed in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks on  the World Trade Center came as US wanted to increase home security and wanted to crack down on terrorists.

However, this law made itself a safeguard of Xenophobia.

many people were taken into custody and prisoners by the look of their skin and often persecuted for a long time before being set free.

Which of these BEST describes the importance of mankind’s first use of fire approximately 1 million years ago?A) people were more protected from predators

B) humans could now invent tools to make life easier

C) harnessing fire meant that dinosaur meat could now be cooked

D) hunter gatherers’ ability to hunt at night meant they could eat more



A) People were more protected from predators.


  • B is wrong because: Likely not a lot of people knew how to forge weapons using kelts and furnaces back then
  • C is wrong because: Dinosaurs were not alive 1 million years ago as—Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago (6.5e7 years ago)
  • And D is wrong because: The answer doesnt go with the question and therefore would make no sense.

In conclusion, Answer A. people were more protected from predators, is correct.

1) What large country is separated from China by the Himalayas? 2) What countries are located on the peninsula northeast of China? 3) How large is China compared with other countries in Asia? This is the first half. Please answer all right now! Worth 30 pts!


1--- India is between China and the Himalayas.

2---- North Korea and South Korea are located on the northeast peninsula of China, which were separated, and became North and south Korea. 

3---- China is bigger than most Asian countries. Also has a huge population. 

What term best describes the type of legislative body the United States has?Tricameral





Demographic I think is the answer




It consits of two chambers or houses

What was the final step president polks plan to defeat Mexico


First, American troops would drive
Mexican forces out of the disputed border
region in Texas and make the border
secure. Then, the U.S. would
seize New Mexico and California. Finally,
American forces would take Mexico City,
the capital of Mexico.
I put the final step in bold :) Hope this helps