What is 350 over 100 as a percentage?


Answer 1


this is really 35 percent

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Solve, using the substitution method. y – 3x = 7
21 + 9x = 3y

A. There is no solution.

B. There are an infinite number of solutions.

C. The solution is (1, 10)

D. The solution is (28, 0)


The system of equations are solved using substitution method and there are infinite number of solutions

What is an Equation?

Equations are mathematical statements with two algebraic expressions flanking the equals (=) sign on either side.

It demonstrates the equality of the relationship between the expressions printed on the left and right sides.

Coefficients, variables, operators, constants, terms, expressions, and the equal to sign are some of the components of an equation. The "=" sign and terms on both sides must always be present when writing an equation.

Given data ,

Let the equation be represented as A

To solve the given system of equations using the substitution method, we can follow these steps:

Step 1:

Solve one of the equations for one variable in terms of the other variable.

Let's solve the first equation, y - 3x = 7, for y in terms of x:

y = 3x + 7

Step 2:

Substitute the expression for the solved variable into the other equation.

Substitute the expression for y from step 1, which is 3x + 7, into the second equation, 21 + 9x = 3y:

21 + 9x = 3(3x + 7)

Step 3:

Simplify and solve for the remaining variable.

Now we can simplify the equation and solve for x:

21 + 9x = 9x + 21

0 = 0

Hence , resulting equation is a true statement, 0 = 0, which means that the system of equations is dependent and there are an infinite number of solutions.

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The answer is B

let me show my answer


Solve -3x+y=7 for y

Add 3x to  both sides



Substitute 3x+7 for y in 9x+21 =3y



Simplify both sides of the equation


Add -9x to both sides



Add -21 to both sides



Answer : B , Infinitely many solutions

I hope that's help !

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Put the number on the right side of the chart into where x is and solve the problem than once you get your answer put it into the chart next to which number you inserted into for x
The person above me is correct ^

5/8 divide by 1/4  simplest form


(5/8):(1/4)= 5/8 • 4= 20/8=5/2 = 2 and 1/2
20 charrr

What is 5/6 divided by 1/9


Ok, so the first thing you are going to do is change the division sign Into a multiplication sign. Then, you are going to flip 1/9. That will become 9/1.\n  (5)/(6)* (9)/(1)= (45)/(6) \n  \n  (45)/(6)=\boxed{7 (3)/(4)} \n
So you would have to write it down 5/6÷1/9 so you would have to do kcf it stands for keep change flip so you would keep 5/6 and change the division sign into a multiplication because the opposite operation of division is multiplication then you would do flip so you would have to flip 1/9 to 9/1. Now your operation should look like this 5/6 times 9/1 and you will get 45/6 so you would divide them so 45÷6 is 7 3/6 and then you would simplify it and get 7 1/2

What is 8/9 as a decimal?


Do 8 divided by 9 on a calculator. You get .88
.888 repeating or rounded to .89

Estimate the value of
anyone knw the estimate for this?