I'm feeling happy, let me share that! 5+6/8*6-9+3-8+5*0=Free points!


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

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Answer 2

I think the answer is -4.8, but that might be wrong and was quick math lol

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7e−4=31 solve for e.
Which of the following conclusions is true based on the scatterplot shown above?
M(3-4m)=7+4(8-m2) m=?
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Help with number 4!!


Range is the area of variation between the highest and lowest values, basically the highest value - the lowest value a low range would indicate that the variation is minimal thus that the measurement tool is accurate.

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Add 3 to my number and then multiply the result by 5 the answer is 35


number=x since unknon
add 3 to x
3+x, thenmultiply by 5
(3+x) timmes 5 answer is 35
now distribute useing distributive property
subtract 15 from both sides
divide both sides by 5

the nuber is 4
7x5=35? I'm sorry if this is incorrect. I tired i'm not exactly sure. 

Which expression is equal to 7/8


7/8 .. *2 = 15/16

7/8 ...* 5 = 35/40

7/8 ...* 10 = 70/80

You can multiply the numerator and denominator by any number ( must be the same number), to result in an equivalent expression

Which decimal is not equivalent 37.6 37.060 37.0600 37.06


37.6 because it doesn't matter how many zeros you put on after the umber it matter where the 6 is placed
37.6 because it doesnt matter how many zeros you put on after the umber it matter were the 6 is placed

Abby is a server at a local restaurant. She makes an hourly wage of $3.50 plus she receives tips. On Monday, she works 6 hours and receives tip money, t. Write an equation showing what Abby makes on Monday, y.




Step-by-step explanation:

Please help on question 17 with step by step instructions
Thanks in advance xx


Let x = Initial Price

If we increase x by 5%, we are adding 0.05x

Therefore, the new price = x + 0.05x = 1.05x

If the ticket has increased by £2.30, £2.30 is 5% of the initial price, or 0.05x

0.05x = 2.30

x = 2.30/0.05

x = 46

Therefore, the price of the ticket before the increase was £46

You can also check this backwards by doing 46*0.05 = 2.30