A quality supervisor for a fctory that makes video games examines a sample of 82 video games. He finds that 7 video games are scratched. Which is the best prediction of the number of video games that will be scratched in a shipment of 6,000


Answer 1
Answer: probabllly bot somewhere in the 50s 

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As the train’s engineer, Erin guided the train on a 64 mi run, which took 1.7 h. She then stopped on a side rail to let a second train pass. She then continued another 80 mi, which took 1.9 h.What was the train’s average speed for the entire run?
Write 0.33 as a fraction in simplest form
Lauren has twelve more than six times as many pencils as her sister. Which expression represents the number of pencils that Lauren has if the variable p represents the number of pencils that her sister has? 6 + p + 1212p + 66p + 1218p
You use 3 cans of soup to serve 5 people. If you want to serve 20 people, what should you do?

It is recommended that an adult drink 64 fluid ounces of water every day.Josey has already consumed 700 millitiers of water. How many more liters should he drink today?


In the given question it is already mentioned that an adult drinks 54 fluid ounces of water daily. Also it is mentioned that Josey has already drank 700 milliliters of water.
Now fopr solving this problem we have to fist convert 64 ounces to liter and then convert 700 milliliter to liter and then only can we get the answer to the question.
We already know
1 ounce = 0.29 liter
64 ounce = 64 * 0.29 liter
               = 18.56 liter
So 18.56 liter is the daily recommendation for an adult to drink water
1 milliliter = 0.001 liter
700 ml = 0.001 * 700 liter
           = 0.7 liter
So Josey has already drank 0.7 liters of water
Amount of water Josey still needs to drink = (18.56 - 0.7) liter
                                                                   = 17.86 liter
33.814 fluid ounces= 1 liter
64 ounces= 64/33.814 liters= 1.89 liters is what she needs daily
1000 milliliters= 1 liter
700 milliliters= 0.7 liters is what she already drank
1.89-0.7= 1.19 liters she still needs to drink

A laptop selling for 726.00 in on sale for 30% off. What is the sale price


The sale price after discount is $508.20

Step-by-step explanation:


Original price of laptop = 726.00

Discount = 30%

Amount of discount = 30% of original price

Amount\ of\ discount=(30)/(100)*726.00\nAmount\ of\ discount=(21780)/(100)\nAmount\ of\ discount=217.80

Sale price = Original price - Amount of discount

Sale price = 726.00-217.80\n

Sale price = $508.20

The sale price after discount is $508.20

Keywords: Percentage, subtraction

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Least common multiple of 8 and 10?




Step-by-step explanation:

LCM(8,10) = ( 8 × 10) / 2

LCM(8,10) = 80 / 2

LCM(8,10) = 40

108 identical books have a mass of 30 kg. Find(i) the mass of 150 such books,
(ii) the number of such books that have a mass
of 20 kg.



The mass of 150 books = 41.7kg

The number of books that have mass 20kg = 72 books

Step-by-step explanation:

(I) Number of identical books = 108

Mass of  books = 30 kg

Mass of 150 books = ?

Let the mass of 150 books = x kg

To find the mass of 150 books we will use ratio and proportion:

108 books: 30kg = 150 books: x kg

You can also write it like this because ratio can be written in division:

108/30 = 150/x

By cross multiplication:

108x = 150*30

108 x= 4500

Divide both sides by 108

108 x/108 = 4500/108

x= 41.7

Thus the mass of 150 books = 41.7kg

( ii ) The number of books that have a mass of 20 kg = ?

Let assume that the number of books of mass 20 kg = y books

We will again use ratio and proportion method.

108 books: 30kg = y: 20kg

We can write it as:

108/30 = y/20

By cross multiplication:

108 *20 = 30y

2160= 30y

Divide both the terms by 30

2160/30 = 30y/30

72 = y

Therefore the number of books that have mass 20kg = 72 books ....

Three out of 4 students made an A on the last arithmetic test. If there are 32 students how many students made an A


24 students made an A in the last arithmetic test.

What is the ratio?

An ordered pair of numbers a and b, represented as a / b, is a ratio if b is not equal to 0. An equation with two ratios set equal to one another is called a percentage.

Given, Three out of 4 students made an A on the last arithmetic test.

out of 4 students, the student gets an A = 3

out of 1 student get A = 3/4

Since there are 32 students in total

out of 32 students, the student gets A = 3/4 * 32

out of 4 students, the student gets an A = 24

therefore, out of 32 students, there are 24 students who got A's.

Learn more about ratios here:



The answer is 24 students

Which are acceptable names for the plane?Choose all answers that are correct.

plane AU

plane JAU

plane R

plane ABC


answers is d,and c but i am not positive