alexander hamilton proposed that the new government of the united states pay off the___ sold during the war in full​


Answer 1

Alexander Hamilton proposed that the new government of the united states pay off the BOND sold during the war in full​.

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Which water route did the people of Aksum use to trade with the romans


The Red Sea is the trade route the romans had used with the others
The Red Sea. Something you should have learned in Social Studies. :) ... Which was a result of Portugal'swater route in the spice trade? Italy lost a monopoly. hope this helps 

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Mother: Mary Wollstonecraft

Father: William Godwin

Hope this helps! ;)

Do you think it was moral for European nations to claim lands in the Americas that were already inhabited by natives???


No because they took land from the Natives without asking the Natives

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Roads canals and railroads helped move people west because then supplies could get to people living in the west

Discuss two ways in which the constitution of the United States has created a strong national (federal) goverment. You can list them and please explain it to me because i don't understand it.


The Constitution of the United States of America, written well over 200 years ago, has been the foundation for building one of the great nations. It is the central instrument of American government and the supreme law of the land. For more than 200 years, it has guided the evolution of U.S. governmental institutions and has provided the basis for political stability, individual freedom, economic growth and social progress.

However, the birth of the Constitution is not accidental, but has complicated economic and political backgrounds. The period after the Revolutionary War was characterized by economic depression and political crisis on the grounds that the Articles of Confederation just devised a loose association among the states, and set up a central government with very limited powers. The central government could not get the dominant position in the country’s political life while the individual states could do things in their own ways. In this chaotic situation, the central government was incapable of paying its debt, of regulating foreign and domestic commerce, of maintaining a steady value of the currency, and worst of all, incapable of keeping a strong military force to protect the country’s interests from foreign violations. As time went by, the old system became more and more adverse to the development of the young nation, and political reform seemed to be inevitable. The best solution was to draw up a new constitution in place of the Articles of Confederation.

The Constitution was drawn up by 55 delegates of twelve states (all but Rhode Island) to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787 and ratified by the states in 1788. That distinguished gathering at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall brought together nearly all of the nation’s most prominent men, including George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. Many were experienced in colonial and state government and others had records of service in the army and in the courts. As Thomas Jefferson wrote John Adams when he heard who had been appointed: “It is really an assembly of demigods.”

Despite the consensus among the framers on the objectives of the Constitution, the controversy over the means by which those objectives could be achieved was lively. However, most of the issues were settled by the framers’ efforts and compromises, thus the finished Constitution has been referred to as a “bundle of compromises”. It was only through give-and-take that a successful conclusion was achieved. Such efforts and compromises in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 produced the most enduring written Constitution ever created by humankinds. The men who were at Philadelphia that hot summer hammered out a document defining distinct powers for the Congress of the United States, the president, and the federal courts. This division of authority is known as a system of checks and balances, and it ensures that none of the branches of government can dominate the others. The Constitution also establishes and limits the authority of the Federal Government over the states and emphasizes that power of the states will serve as a check on the power of the national government.

What country did Marco Polo sail for?


I wouldn't say that it was a specific country, but I guess you could technically say Italy. He did good for all of Europe though because of the Asian influences he brought back.
he sailed around Europe, China.