Which organ systems are used to help the body shiver? A.) circulatory and respiratory
B.) nervous and muscular
C.) circulatory and muscular
D.) respiratory and nervous


Answer 1

The correct answer is option B

The temperature of the body is maintained by the certain actions that the body does in extreme conditions to maintain the temperature about 98.6°F.

If the body is in chilling conditions then there are chances that the body will be in hypothermia condition and to control the temperature the brain gives the signals to the muscles of the body to contract and expand very speedly.

When the surface of the body gets too chilly then the skin receptors sends the signals to the brain which gives signals to the muscles to shiver and in extreme case the chattering of teeth also takes place.

Answer 2

The organ system are used to help the body shiver, The correct answer is , (B) nervous and muscular system.

Shivering is a physical process because of cold and intense fear in warm-blooded creatures. At the point when the core body temperature level drops, the shivering reflex is set off to keep up with Homeostasis.

At the point when the surface of the body gets too cold then the skin receptors conveys the messages to the brain which gives signs to the muscles to shiver and in outrageous case the chatter of teeth also happens.

Thus, Shivering is the process of homeostasis to maintain body temperature from outside the atmosphere. so the correct option is B.

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