How are Romantic and Gothic literature related?O
A Romantic literature emphasizes feelings, and Gothic literature
evokes an enjoyable feeling of terror.
B. Romantic literature is centered around everyday life, and Gothic
literature turns ordinary events into terrifying ones.
C. Romantic literature is about the horrors connected with
passionate love, while Gothic literature involves stories filled with
blood and gore
D. Romantic literature focuses on criticizing negative energy, and
Gothic literature seeks to expose the sinister life of madmen.


Answer 1

The way in which Romantic and Gothic literature are related is:

  • A. Romantic literature emphasizes feelings, and Gothic literature  evokes an enjoyable feeling of terror.

Gothic literature has to do with the use of horror to create fear, suspense, mystery and intrigue in the minds of the readers and this is done through the use of haunted houses, ghosts, demons, etc.

On the other hand, romantic literature has to do with the theme of love where two people fall in love with each other and they fight for their love against all odds.

Therefore, the correct answer is option A

Read more about Gothic literature here:

Answer 2

Final answer:

Romantic and Gothic literature are related through their shared focus on emotions and the imagination, but differ in themes and settings.


Romantic and Gothic literature are related in several ways. Both genres emerged during the same time period in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and were reactions against the rationality and order of the Enlightenment. They both share a focus on emotions and the imagination, but differ in their themes and settings.

Romantic literature, often characterized by an emphasis on individualism and the sublime, explores the power of nature, the intense emotions of love and longing, and the triumph of the individual's spirit. Gothic literature, on the other hand, is known for its supernatural and macabre elements. It often features creepy settings like desolate castles, haunted houses, and ancient ruins, as well as themes of horror, mystery, and the grotesque.

While Romantic literature can evoke strong emotions using beautiful and uplifting scenes or characters, Gothic literature aims to evoke a feeling of terror and fear in the reader. Both genres were highly influential and have had a lasting impact on subsequent literature and art.

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