Is -44 a rational or irrational


Answer 1

Answer: Rational

Step-by-step explanation: -44 is an integer and all integers are rational numbers. Therefore, -44 is classified as a rational number.

The set of integers includes the set of whole numbers {0, 1, 2, 3...} and they also include their negative counterparts.

Answer 2

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Step-by-step explanation:

step by step u measure

Resume because you have to do step by step

Is 0.4 less than, greatest than, or equal to 44%? explain


44% is 0.44 in decimal form
0.4 is 40% in percent form

0.4 < 44%
It is greater than. 44 % decimal form is .44 not .40.......... .40 peraent form wouod be 40^%

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Step-by-step explanation:

Use PEMDAS and plug in the values for x and y. So replace x with 8 in the parenthesis, resulting in (8+2x3) since you do multiplication before addition, it would be 8+6 equaling 14. 14 would be multiplied by 6, so it would be 84, but do not forget the y^2, which would be 3^2 and since 3x3 is 9, you would add 9 to 84

93 is the answer.

To find the answer, we can first put x=8 and y=3 into the equation:

y^2 + 6(x + 3×2)
=3^2 + 6(8+3×2)

We can them proceed to calculate by doing the multiplications in the first steps:

=9 + 6(8+6)
=9 + 6×14
=9 + 84

Therefore, the answer is 93.

Hope it helps!

4) At the end of the summer, I decide to drain the swimming pool. I noticed that it drains faster when there is more water in the pool. That was interesting to me, so I decided to measure rate at which it drains. I found that it was draining at a rate of 3% every 5 minutes How many gallons are left in the pool after 50 minutes?


Final answer:

After 50 minutes, the pool has 73.74% of its initial water left, meaning it drained 26.26% of the initial water. To represent this remaining amount in gallons, it would be 0.7324 times the initial volume (in gallons).


To answer your question regarding the amount of water left after draining the pool for 50 minutes with a drain rate of 3% every five minutes, it is important to understand that the reduction occurs in a compound manner. This means each time we are dealing with 97% (100% - 3%) of the previous total.

So after 10 iterations (equaling to your 50 minutes since each iteration is 5 minutes long), we are left with (0.97)^10 = 73.74% of the initial total. That means 26.26% of the water has been drained.

In terms of gallons, if X represents the initial volume of water in the pool, then 0.7324 * X gallons remain after 50 minutes. Without knowing the initial volume of the pool, it is impossible to give a precise value in gallons.

Learn more about Compound Reduction here:


A hiker begins on top of a mountain that stands 12,500 feet above sea level. He walks down to the valley that is 250 feet below sea level. What is the difference in elevation between the mountain top and the valley?




Step-by-step explanation:

because he descended 12,500 feet and then went below 250

How many times longer is one inch
than one foot


Well, I am not exactly sure if this is what your asking but one foot is twelve times the size of a foot.
one foot = 12 inches, so one inch is 12 times less than one foot