10. the quotient is 58 and the remainder is 3. What is the number​


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation: 58 - 3 = 55.

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A new shopping mall records 120 total shoppers on their first day of business. Each day after that, thenumber of shoppers is 10% more than the number of shoppers the day before.

What is the total number of shoppers that visited the mall in the first 7 days?

Round your final answer to the nearest integer.



\boldsymbol{\mathbf{213\,shoppers\, will\, visit\,on \, first\, seventh\, day}}

\boldsymbol{\mathbf{Step-by-step explanation}}

Let, No of shoppers on first day = a

No of shoppers on second day = b

Similarly till seventh day,

Therfore shoppers on seventh day=

a + b + c + d + e + f + g

As mentioned ,number of shoppers is 10% more than the number of shoppers the day before. i.e we can understand that a to g all are 1.1 times bigger than the previous letter.

That means all are in geometric series.

We know the formula for sum of geometric series is,

=\boldsymbol{\mathbf{\sum {a}*{r^((n-1))}}}

\boldsymbol{\mathbf{a \, is\, first\, value}}

\boldsymbol{\mathbf{r \, is\, multiplication\, factor\, value}}

\boldsymbol{\mathbf{n \, is\, no\, items\, in\, series}}

That is,

a = 120

r = 1.1

n = 7

=\sum {120}*{1.1^((7-1))}


= 212.58


\boldsymbol{\mathbf{=\, 213 \,shoppers \,will\, be \,there\, on \,seventh \,day.}}

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The person buys a total of 20 frames.
 'f' of the frames are size 4 by 6, and cost 5.8
that means 20 - f frames are size 5 by 7, and cost 9.6
And the total is 80.8

So... we get:

5.8f + (20-f)9.6 = 80.8

Answer is B

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see explanation

Step-by-step explanation:

The volume (V) of a rectangular prism is calculated as

V = lbh ( l is length, b is breadth and h the height ), thus

V = 6 × 1 (1)/(5) × 4 (1)/(2) → C

To evaluate the volume change the mixed numbers to improper fractions

V = 6 × (6)/(5) × (9)/(2)

   = (6(6)(9))/(5(2))

   = (324)/(10) = (162)/(5) = 32 (2)/(5) yd³ ( = 32.4 yd³← in decimal form )

How do you round 5 1/8 to the nearest whole number


To round you must see if the fraction is greater or less than a half to see if you round up or down. 1/8 is less than 1/2, so you must round down. So the answer is 5.
You look at the fraction: 1/8
You determine if it's closer to 0, 0.5, or 1.
In this case it is closer to 0.
So the answer would be 5. 

PLEASE HELP!! Look at triangle WXY What is the length (in centimeters) of the side WY of the triangle?




Step-by-step explanation:


What value of r makes the equation true? r 0.12 = 0.20 A. r = 0.32 B. r = 0.08 C. r = –0.08 D. r = –0.32


Depends on your question...

If your question is r + 0.12 = 0.20 then do this:

Subtract 0.12 from both sides

r = 0.08

The answer is B.

If your question is r - 0.12 = 0.20 then do this:

Add 0.12 on both sides

r = 0.32

The answer is A

So it depends on your question :P
Subtract 0.12 from both sides.
Then you get 0.20 - 0.12 on the right side of your equation, which equals 0.08.

C. r = -0.08

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