Read the following poem and analyze it for ideas, themes, and values that reflect the Puritan era. Be sure to ask the key questions as a guide for analysis.Passage: from a Puritan poem by Ralph Erskine

And when the smoke ascends on high,
Then thou behold'st the vanity
Of worldly stuff,
Gone with a puff.
Thus think, and smoke tobacco.

And when the pipe grows foul within,
Think on thy soul defil'd with sin;
For then the fire,
It does require.
Thus think, and smoke tobacco.

And seest the ashes cast away;
Then to thyself thou mayest say
That to the dust
Return thou must.
Thus think, and smoke tobacco.


Answer 1

Answer: deep


Along each paragraph, the author wants us to really take the words in and try to relate to he's point of view... He also speaks about how we die and transcends into different beings... And leaving all worldy material things behind.

Answer 2

Final answer:

The poem provided is an example of Puritan era poetry, which reflects the ideas, themes, and values of that time period.


Puritan Era in Poetry

The subject of this question is English, and it pertains to the study of literature. The grade level is High School. The poem provided is an example of Puritan era poetry, which reflects the ideas, themes, and values of that time period.

Ideas, Themes, and Values of Puritan Era

  1. The poem emphasizes the transient nature of worldly possessions and the vanity of materialism.
  2. It encourages the reader to reflect on their sinful nature and the need for repentance.
  3. The mention of ashes symbolizes the inevitability of death and the reminder of human mortality.

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Courageous and determined

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Based on the question above, the best answers for this question would be:

Courageous and determined.

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