Why did Nixon order us forces to bomb north Vietnam in 1972


Answer 1
Answer: The main reason behind Nixon ordering the United States forces to bomb North Vietnam in 1972 was because the peace process was going too slowly for his liking and he wanted to speed up the peace process.North Vietnam was deliberately delaying the peace process. I hope the answer helps you.
Answer 2

Answer: A. to intimidate its leaders


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The Jewish people settled into a land that they believed they were promised by God that was known as Canaan. What is the name of that country today?
Give an example of each of the Court’s two types of jurisdiction.
The battle of Stalingrad was: -an easy victory for Germany -one of the deadliest battles in human history-primarily a tank battle -a clear cut example of a blitzkrieg
Consider the equation x/3 +7=13What properties will you use next to solve the equation?
As city-states increased in size, control of records, taxes, and the military was the role of ____. A. military leaders B. only literate authorities C. the highest class of social rank D. elected officials

"What creature walks on four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?” is an example of who's riddle?


Answer: The Riddle of the Great Sphinx

Explanation: As per the greek legend, there was a Sphinx eating people who could not answer the riddle correctly: "What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?". The answer to it is "the man" because when he is a baby he would crawl on all fours, then when the man learns how to walk he does it on two legs and finally on three when the man is old and needs a cane to walk. The hero Oedipus answered correctly and the Sphinx was killed.

The Riddle Of Sphinx.

What beliefs do Buddhism and Jainism share?


Buddhists and Jains follow:

- A vegan diet
- Non-violence
- they are non-materialistic people
- they believe in reincarnation
- they also believe that what they do determines their future (Karma)
They both believe that your actions affect your life.

Which of the following is a social problem that the nation faced at the end of the Civil War? A. Deciding who the next president of the Confederate States of America would be B. Deciding which states would be free states and which would be slave states C. The existence of four million freed slaves without money, education, or job skills D. Figuring out how to bring the Southern states back into the Union


The two following social problems that the nation faced at the end of the Civil War was c) the existence of four million freed slaves without money, education, or job skills and d)figuring out how to bring the Southern states back into the Union. There was also resistance from White Southerners who did not want to stop slavery or join the Union, which made the process of solving these two social problems harder.

Answer:  "C" IS THE ANSWER


Ten related words to freedom


10 related words to Freedom would be:

1. Ability
3. Privilege
4. Power
5. Right
6. Immunity
7. Independent
8. Liberty
9. Rule
10. Self- Government

liberty, privilege, right, free rein ,unrestraint, flexibility, exemption, immunity, power, margin 

Write a sentence explaining at the terms have in common Indentured servant, debtor


When a person wanted to travel to the colonies, they would often become debtors because they couldn't pay for the trip, so instead of paying their debt using money, they would work for the person who pays their journey for free, which would make them an indentured servant, and they would work until they pay off their traveling expenses.

How do scientists think people mirgrated from Asia to the last ice age


They believe a land bridge connected the two continents at that time so they could follow the animals for food.