Write the expression the product of -13 and K


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

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The data set shows the length in inches of seven pieces of wire: 7.9, 6.8, 7.6, 9.9, 10.1, 9.1 and 10.9; What is the mean and median of the seven pieces of wire
The bag was filled with red marbles and blue marbles in the ratio of 5:7. If there were 180 marbles in the bag,how many were red?
I really need help and fast
Please help me with b & c!
A piece of driftwood floats on the surface of the ocean. Due to the wave motion, its height rises and falls relative to the height of the water with no waves. The maximum height of the driftwood is 2 ft, relative to the surface, and its minimum height is −1.5 feet. A storm surge causes the height of the waves to be multiplied by 4.What is the minimum height of the driftwood in the storm? __________ ft.What is the distance between the maximum and minimum heights of the driftwood during the storm? ______________ ft.

How many years will it take for a person in the United States eat 1,120 pounds of turkey (14 pounds)


If I understand you, a person eats about 14 pounds of turkey a year.  So we will divide all that turkey (1120 pounds) by 14 to find out how many years.

1,120 ÷ 14 = 80   So it will take 80 years.   (Since babies can't eat that much turkey a year it will actually take more than 80 years - or the person can eat more than 14 pounds in some years to make up for their early years when they ate less)  I know it's a math question, but I also like to be realistic about it.  Who measures the amount of turkey they eat yearly anyway?  :-)

Daniel worked for 213213 hours and earned $18.20. How much would he make if he worked for 514514 hours? Enter your answer in the box.


convert the hours to improper fractions

2 and 1/3 hours=2+1/3=6/3+1/3=7/3
5 and 1/4=5+1/4=20/4+1/4=21/4

ratio and proprtion
if work 21/4 hours how much is pay
times both sides by 18.2pay aka cross multiply
times both sides by (3/7) to clear fraction (7/3 times 3/7=21/21=1)

will earn $40.95 in 5 and 1/4 hours

Factor 4x^2 - 36 completely.


Factor: 4x^2-36

4(x+3) (x-3) 

you're answer is C because you can do the F.O.I.L. and then multiply it by 4. like this:


F.O.I.L is:
 First Term
Outer Term
Iner Term
Last Term.

PLEASE HELP!!!! PLEASE! EASY!! BRAINLIEST RIGHT AWAY IF YOU EXPLAIN!!!Find the surface area of the triangular prism.



First picture: 60

Second picture:

Step-by-step explanation:

The first step for the first picture is to find the area of the triangle on top. In order to do that, we have to use the equation: (W*L*1/2)


Then, we multiply the above equation by the Height. Which makes the equation become 60.

The first step for the second picture is the same. We first find the area of the triangle on top.


Then we multiply the height by our above answer.


The other measurements that were there aren't needed. So, next time, completely ignore them!

Hope you have a good day/night! Good luck!


A business rents in-line skates and bicycles. During one day, the business has a total of 26 rentals and collects $485 for the rentals. If in-line skates are rented for $10 per day and bicycles are rented for $35 per day, find the number of pairs of stakes rented and the number of bicycles rented.


A business rents in-line skates and bicycles.

During one day the business has a total of 26 rentals and;

Collects $485 for the rentals.

In-line skates are rented for $10 per day and;

Bicycles are rented for $35 per day.


Let the number of in-line skates rented be x and;

The number of bicycles rented be y.

x + y = 26 ... (i)

10x + 35y = 485 ... (ii)

This forms a system of linear equations (i) and (ii)

Solving this system by elimination;

We multiply (i) by 10 and (ii) by 1

10x + 10y = 260 ... (i)

10x +35y = 485 ... (ii)

Subtracting (ii) - (i) gives;

25y = 225 , y = 225/25 = 9

x = 26 - 9 = 17

The number of in-line skates rented were 17.

The number of bicycles rented were 9.

The point A(-8,6) is translated using T: (x,y) = (x + 5. y - 4).What is the distance from A to A'?


Step-by-step explanation:

For this problem, we can simply plug in the coordinate point into the given formula.

(-8, 6) = (-8 + 5, 6 - 4)

(-8, 6) = (-3, 2)

So, A' is at point (-3, 2)

Now, we have to find the distance from A to A'. We can use the distance formula.






So, the distance between A and A' is about 6.4 units.