American colonists who sided with the British were know as


Answer 1

They were known as loyalists

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After the Dred Scott decision, Frederick Douglass said he sought to have Americans live up to the principles of the Constitution. What did he believe prevented Americans from living up to the Constitution? A. manifest destinyB. abolitionC. popular sovereigntyD. slavery
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What did Scottish queens wear in the 11th century


The scottish queens wore medivals or heavy crowns to show the other women that she is the queen with all the riches. Hope it helped you
they wore heavy crowns

A ____ source is one produced some time after the historical subject took place secondary or primary .





a primary source is what you’re looking for ! you’re welcome

if you were to fly from new york city to london, what direction would you be flying? name the body of water you would cross over.


If I were to fly from New York to London I would fly in the Northeast direction and the name of the body of water that I would cross over is the Atlantic Ocean.

New York is one of the most important cities in the United States and the world located in North America, west of the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, London is the capital city of England and is located in Europe to the east of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the above, if I am in New York and I am going to fly to London I must go northeast (because London is further north than New York) and I would be flying through the Atlantic Ocean that separates America from Europe and Africa.

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You would fly east over the Atlantic Ocean

Compare the following ancient civilizations. What geographic feature do they share?


The civilizations all have rivers and geographic feature do they share in the picture. Hence, option A is correct.

What is civilization means?

A civilization is a highly developed human society that typically consists of a number of cities and has gone through particular stages of technology and cultural development.

As people started to congregate in urban settlements, early civilizations started to arise in many parts of the world. The four earliest civilizations are those of China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley because they laid the groundwork for subsequent cultural advancement in the same area.

The earliest known civilizations in the Old World are believed to have originated in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient India, and China. The Olmec civilization of Mexico and the Caral-Supe culture of coastal Peru are regarded as the birthplaces of civilization in the New World.

Thus, option A is correct.

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The civilizations all have rivers


This Country controlled the southern and western parts of North America in 1783


Spain, friend. I gotchu

How did the American victory at Trenton affect Americans


All hope seemed lost, so after that battle, all the troop's hopes were renewed. Hope this helps.