A fertilizer manufacturer wants to determine if the new formulation of Brand Q squash plant fertilizer improves the growth and development of squash plants. As the lab supervisor, you are tasked with designing an experiment to test this. Briefly describe the experimental design and explain the purpose of each step.


Answer 1

Well, the experiment I would perform would see if this is true by comparing brand Q to regular plantation soil, I would place the plants in separate bowls, with different fertilizers, I would also give them the same amount of water and air, the purpose of this is to make sure that the effects would be equal really, only comparing the fertilizers effect. Then, I would observe the nutrition of the 2 plants and eventually you would come to the conclusion of whether or not it works well.

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Answer 2


The purpose of each step is there to make sure that you wont mess up and tomake sure that you follow the directions closely. The design would have to be in the shade and moist.


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